Students have a lot more options today.

The ides of senior pictures began in the mid 19th century.

    Pictures were taken to display a mood, expression, and the personality of a graduating student.  The purpose of senior pictures is to serve as a reminder to you and your classmates of the years together before you split your separate ways.  It is a symbol of beginning adulthood.  

    They are traditionally used for creating graduation announcements, submitting to your schools yearbook, and handing out to your family and friends.  The typical portrait is a shot of shoulders and up with a dark colored background, but things have come a long way.  

    Even though there are more options, the typical portrait is still a very common pose used.

    With all of the recent technology advances, senior pictures have become more of a big deal.  Pictures can be edited in many different ways, from black and white, fixing blemishes, changing eye color, or adding text.

    With all of the equipment used and editing done, senior pictures tend to be a pretty expensive event.  Not only do you have to pay for the pictures and prints, but also you can’t go without just the right outfit, hair, shoes, and make up!  

    Decisions, decisions, decisions! Pictures can be taken outside, inside, and during the summer, fall, spring, or winter.  A lot of times people pick their favorite season and choose to do pictures then.  The next thing you need to do, is determine what studio is going to be taking your pictures.

    Once you have taken the photos, you then have to decide which ones are your favorite, what one you want in the yearbook, which ones on your announcement, and let your family and friends pick out the ones they’d like.  

    I went to We Clik for senior pictures.  I chose to take outdoor and indoor pictures during the summer and a few other outdoor photos this winter.  The We Clik ladies help you out with poses, what to wear, where to go, and uplift you with cute compliments.  

    Once you have had your photo shoot, you receive a free orange water bottle, and then you wait for your portfolio to come in.

    Once you get the portfolio, its time to make your picks.

    For future reference there are three photography studios in Crookston.  They include We Clik, Shots and Thoughts, and Wildfire Photography.  There are other photographers who do photography out of their own homes in Crookston as well.

    Anderson, a senior, writes in Toni Grove’s communications and broadcasting class at Crookston High School.