Today's topics are especially hot-button.

An uneventful Camo Day at Crookston High School
Here’s hoping for a quiet, uneventful and yet fun “Camo Day” on Tuesday at Crookston High School, one of the themed days during CHS Homecoming Week. Students, whether they’re male or female, are encouraged to wear camouflage. You know, like a hunter would wear. Which brings us to the original idea for Tuesday, “Predatory and Prey Day.” The dudes were supposed to wear camo and other hunting garb, and the ladies were supposed to wear animal prints. All innocent fun, right? Well, in another day and age, maybe, but not anymore. The students recommended the list of themed days during homecoming week, the high school administration OK’ed it, and the Predator and Prey Day theme immediately came under fire from some who thought the theme sent a terrible message about females being hunted by males, and violence against women. In perfect hindsight, it certainly wasn’t the best theme to pick. Those who are paid to have a little foresight will now know that going forward. In the meantime, don’t be surprised if lots of CHS boys dress like predators on Tuesday anyway, and girls show off their best animal prints.

How about you just keep your clothes on?
Here’s a novel theory on how we might be able to avoid one scandal after another surrounding a famous person and nude pictures of said famous person: No, it’s not about limiting the freedom of the press or throwing dreaded paparazzi photographers in prison for the rest of their lives. How about just keeping your clothes on? If you keep your clothes on, no one can take photos of you while you’re not wearing any clothes. Pretty simple, huh? The royal duchess, Kate, and her heir to the throne husband, Prince William, took a vacation to a private estate, and Kate proceeded to get topless on an outdoor balcony while William rubbed lotion or some oil or whatever on her. A photographer perched somewhere with a big zoom lens snapped away and sold them. This is after Prince Harry got naked on a wild night in Las Vegas recently, in front of some cameras. Do we like the paparazzi? Of course not. But do massive amounts of the population crave every scandalous photo they take? You bet. That’s not going to change. But if famous people would get naked only in the privacy of their homes and stop insisting on inviting heaps of scandal upon themselves, only then will this silliness end.

Two homecomings are twice as nice, by Katie Davidson, student staff writer
You can expect to hear “Rah rah rah for Crookston High, rah rah rah rah,” countless times in the near future, considering it’s Homecoming Week. Some people may think that Homecoming is something only celebrated inside of the local schools, but in order for the week to be successful, it needs to be a community event. To make this happen, get out to some sporting events throughout the week, stop in to watch the coronation ceremony, get out to watch the University of Minnesota, Crookston Homecoming Parade, it's also their Homecoming Week,  and of course, don’t forget to sport your blue, maroon and gold apparel.  Homecoming Week is a time to honor your local schools, don't be afraid to get a little crazy and riled up while cheering on your Pirates and Eagles.

If you can, donate blood
There's another blood drive coming to Crookston on Wednesday this week. As anyone who's ever received a blood transfusion knows, a donation of blood truly is a gift of life. There are those who regularly donate at the drives – they can up to three times a year – and those who sporadically do it. No matter how often, each and every donation is highly appreciated. Don't think your blood's good enough? You never know until you try. The experts there will evaluate it, you may be surprised. And if it turns out you can't donate at this time, at least you can take satisfaction in the fact that you tried.

End the lockout, for Wild fans more than anyone
Stop me if you've heard this one before, Minnesota. A team gets your hopes sky high and then they are dashed leaving you with an empty pit in your stomach. This is such Minnesota's luck. The Wild sign the two biggest free agents in the offseason and the fanbase is ecstatic and then there's no season. NHL stars are signing contracts in Europe and Russia like crazy as the NHL owners are locking out players. It's the fourth work stoppage for the NHL since 1992. Soon you will hear of preseason games being cancelled, then regular season games and it doesn't sound like anyone knows when this ridiculousness will end. The NHL could pass up the NBA in popularity if it wanted to but fans won't invest in a sport that doesn't play. It's not good for anyone. Commissioner Gary Bettman, owners and players, quit being a bunch of morons, agree on something, anything, and play hockey.