This week's Pirates of the Week are Caden Osborn, Kylie Solheim, Breck Fugleberg, Ben Trostad and Ethan Boll.

Boys' Basketball

Caden Osborn - So. C

    Head Coach Greg Garmen says, “Caden has given the Pirates some quality minutes and has helped give us a post presence.”

Girls' Basketball

Kylie Solheim - Jr. G

    Head Coach Darin Zimmerman says, “Kylie has had a good season to date. She has taken on a little more offensive responsibility in the last couple of games which has helped our team. She is a very intelligent basketball player who is a good leader on and off the floor."

Girls' Hockey

Breck Fugleberg - So. D

Head Coach Jaclyn Martin says, “Breck’s a sophomore defensemen and joined our Pirate family from Mayville this year. Breck has great vision of the ice and is the kind of player you want in front of your goalie. She’s a quick thinker, feisty and has a knack for finding the net when receiving a pass at the point. Breck brings an upbeat and positive vibe to the team. She fits in well and we wouldn’t be the same hockey family without her!"

Boys' Hockey

Ben Trostad - Sr. D

    Head Coach Josh Hardy says, “Ben, a senior captain for the Pirates, has compiled 11 assists so far this year and has improved his offensive game tremendously in his senior year. Ben’s veteran presence and reliability on the blue line has been a key to our success this year and will continue to play a vital role for the rest of the year.”


Ethan Boll - 7th 

    Head Coach Wes Hanson says, “Ethan Boll is off to a fast start this season. He picked up two wins in our last action against Grafton and RLCC. Ethan has a strong work ethic, great agility and is coachable.”