After 16 weeks, the race for the top spot is as tight as ever.

    In the penultimate week of Fantasy Field Goal, the scoring was a bit low. There were a select few players who stood out, but few of them were popular choices.    

    The quarterbacks who put up the most points were Jared Goff throwing four and Kirk Cousins tossing three. Neither were picked. A number of quarterbacks threw for two touchdowns including Russell Wilson and Tom Brady who were chosen. Jimmy Garoppolo won his fourth game in a row and also threw for two touchdowns, but no one picked him.   

    Week 16 served as a quiet week for running backs unless they are named Todd Gurley. But even he did not get a rushing touchdown. Only one running back earned two, Jordan Howard, who was playing against Cleveland. Many hoped Ezekiel Elliot’s return would provide scores, but it was not to be.    

    Speaking of Gurley, he hauled in two receiving touchdowns in his career day and was the leader for receiving touchdowns in the week.    

    Four people tied for first this week: Tim Dufault, Mason Wang, Jaxon Wang and Jeff Dufault. With the Vikings score breaking the tie, many guesses were a tad bit high considering the Vikings shut out Green Bay 16-0. With that being said, the closest to 16 was Jeff Dufault with 37. The win is Dufault’s first of the season and he can come claim the coupon for one seven inch deli pizza, one free Ampride taxi ride or one free car wash from Ampride. The Crookston Times thanks Ampride/Crookston Fuel for sponsoring Fantasy Field Goal. Only one more to give out with the final week approaching.    

    With one week to play, Dan Kawlewski holds a six point lead over Austin Sommerfeld for the all-time lead and the recipient of a larger prize. Should there be a tie after next week, it will be broken by calculating the average tiebreakers submitted throughout the season and be compared to the average score from the Vikings’ 16 games and the one Packers game when Minnesota had a bye. As it stands, Sommerfeld would win the tiebreaker should it end tied.    

    Pittsburgh could still take the top seed in the AFC so expect Ben Roethlisberger, Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown to have their way with the soon-to-be defeated Browns.

Week 16 Leaders
Total from Vikings game: 16

Jeff Dufault - 24
Cam Newton - 6
Todd Gurley - 12
JuJu Smith -Schuster - 6
Tie: 37

Jaxon Wang - 24
Cam Newton - 6
Todd Gurley - 12
DeAndre Hopkins - 6
Tie: 40

Mason Wang - 24
Russell Wilson - 12
Le’Veon Bell - 6
Rob Gronkowski - 6
Tie: 41

Tim Dufault - 24
Tom Brady - 12
Todd Gurley - 12
Adam Thielen - 0
Tie: 24

Dan Kawlewski - 18
Russell Wilson - 12
Latavius Murray - 0
Rob Gronkowski - 6
Tie: 41

Austin Sommerfeld - 18
Cam Newton - 6
Todd Gurley - 12
Michael Thomas - 0
Tie: 18

Rick Ohman - 18
Russell Wilson - 12
Ezekiel Elliot - 0
DeAndre Hopkins - 6
Tie: 55

Season Standings
Tiebreakers included

Dan Kawlewski - 354

Austin Sommefeld - 348

Tim Dufault - 318

Randy Beattie - 318

Blake Kawlewski - 294

Travis Nicholas - 294

Heather Wang - 288

Joe Helgeson - 282

Jeff Dufault - 270

Mason Wang - 264

Jason Cassavant - 264

Jaxon Wang - 252

Rick Ohman - 228

Debbie Dufault - 204