Cam Newton throttled the Vikings' rival and helped one competitor earn the win.

    It was a great week for quarterbacks. Six total QBs threw for at least three touchdowns with two of them getting four. The top two were Cam Newton and Nick Foles who took over for the injured Carson Wentz. Eli Manning, Blake Bortles, Jameis Winston and Aaron Rodgers all threw for three. Many others threw for two. Only two people picked Newton and those two finished tied for first this week.        

    If you wanted to kill this week and my fantasy team, Todd Gurley was the pick to have at running back. Gurley helped the Rams demolish the Seahawks with three rushing touchdowns. Many entrusted Le’Veon Bell to get points, but he only found the end zone once. The next best pick behind Gurley was Mark Ingram. Or Tommy Bohanon, but I would be very impressed if anyone recognized that name and picked him.    

    Receivers also kind of dropped the ball, including Jesse James of the Steelers. Too soon? Michael Crabtreefrom Oakland caught two as did Tavarres King and Jaydon Mickens. They play for the Giants and the Jaguars in case you were wondering.    

    As I mentioned before, two people picked Cam Newton, who alone, gave them enough to at least tie anyone else. The two were Jaxon Wang and Blake Kawlewski. Kawlewski was going for his third win of the season while Wang was trying to earn his first victory.    

    Both earned a single touchdown from both their running back and wide receiver forcing a tiebreaker to decide the winner. With the Vikings stomping the Bengals over the weekend and setting the tiebreaker score at 41, Wang’s pick of 40 served as the closest.    

    With this win, every Wang family member in the competition has won at least once. The only other family to accomplish the feat is the Kawlewskis. Wang can come retrieve his coupon for one seven inch deli pizza, one free Ampride taxi ride or one free car wash from Ampride. The Crookston Times thanks Ampride/Crookston Fuel for sponsoring Fantasy Field Goal.    

    I am hesitant to advise everyone to pick a player opposite the Browns given that they play the Bears this weekend. Could this be the week they win? Probably not. Consider putting faith in Tom Brady again as he faces the Bills at home. Ezekiel Elliot comes back this weekend to face the Seahawks who were just dismantled by the Rams and the Steelers play the Texans who appear to have nothing going for them since losing their star quarterback Deshaun Watson to injury.   

    Only two weeks left to play this season. Finish strong.