Low-scoring week allows for another Kawlewski win.

    Contrary to last week, the touchdowns were scarce.    

    Quite a few quarterbacks recorded two touchdowns, but your best bet would have been with Alex Smith of the Chiefs with four touchdown, Josh McCown of the Jets with three and Russell Wilson once again proves to be Mr. Consistent with three. Unfortunately, most went with Tom Brady who failed to find the end zone.    

    Three running backs collected two touchdowns in Rex Burkhead of the Patriots, Alex Collins of the Ravens and Alvin Kamara of the Saints. One person picked Burkhead and I give mad props for that one.   

    In the receiver category, Chiefs players appeared to stand out even though Kansas City lost again. Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill each grabbed two touchdowns. Bengals’ A.J. Green also notched two. But no one picked any of them.    

    No tiebreakers this week, but Blake Kawlewski won for the second time this season and for the third week in a row, a Kawlewski won the weekly award. Dan Kawlewski one the previous two contests.    

    Blake’s pick of Cam Newton, who scored twice, for his quarterback put him above the rest as no one else did. Leonard Fournette and Keenan Allen rounded out the picks for Blake with one touchdown apiece.    

    Blake once again wins the  coupon for one seven inch deli pizza, one free Ampride taxi ride or one free car wash from Ampride. The Crookston Times thanks Ampride/Crookston Fuel for sponsoring Fantasy Field Goal.

    Time for my weekly anti-Cleveland advice. Honestly, this week, I am not so sure. The Browns play the Packers who are not very good, but it would only figure they turn it around against Cleveland. Maybe go with Jamaal Williams for running back and Davante Adams at receiver. Also, it would only figure Brett Hundley has a career day against Cleveland. Maybe consider him for your quarterback pick.

Week 13 Leaders
Total Points from Vikings Game: 23

Blake Kawlewski - 24
Cam Newton - 12
Leonard Fournette - 6
Keenan Allen - 6
Tie: 45

Tim Dufault - 18
Case Keenum - 12
Todd Gurley - 0
Keenan Allen - 6
Tie: 47

Joe Helgeson - 18
Philip Rivers - 6
Rex Burkhead - 12
Robby Anderson - 0
Tie: 58

Austin Sommerfeld - 18
Ben Roethlisberger - 12
Todd Gurley - 0
Keenan Allen - 6
Tie: N/A

Dan Kawlewski - 12
Kirk Cousins - 12
Todd Gurley - 0
DeAndre Hopkins - 0
Tie: 45

Heather Wang - 12
Carson Wentz - 6
Le’Veon Bell - 6
Jared Cook - 0
Tie: 50

Rick Ohman - 12
Philip Rivers - 6
LeSean McCoy - 0
Keenan Allen - 6
Tie: 55

Season Standings
Through Week 13
Tiebreakers Included

Dan Kawlewski - 282

Austin Sommerfeld - 270

Tim Dufault - 264

Heather Wang - 258

Randy Beattie - 252

Joe Helgeson - 246

Jeff Dufault - 246

Blake Kawlewski - 240

Travis Nicholas - 240

Mason Wang - 204

Debbie Dufault - 198

Jason Cassavant - 198

Rick Ohman - 186

Jaxon Wang - 168