Jaxon Wang's pick of Cam Newton nearly gave him the win, but Joe Helgeson takes the crown thanks to the tiebreaker.

    To get in the top five, the best quarterbacks to get you there were Matthew Stafford, Jared Goff and Cam Newton. Stafford played the Browns so no surprise there except that he did not throw for more touchdowns. Goff dismantled the Watson-less Texans and Newton outdueled Dolphins’ Jay Cutler.    

    Biggest surprise was probably that no one benefitted from their running back picks. Meaning, everyone had a goose egg in their running back category. The best choices would have been Mark Ingram of the Saints who had three scores as they thrashed the Bills and Demarco Murray with two.    

    Top touchdown receivers for the week were Robert Woods of the Rams, Devin Funchess from the Panthers and Austin Ekeler of the Chargers who all found the end zone twice. But I cannot imagine anyone considered picking those three and for good reason.    

    In our top five, there sat Jeff Dufault, Tim Dufault, Joe Helgeson, Travis Nicholas and Jaxon Wang.    

    All except Wang had either Stafford or Goff for their quarterback and earned six points from their receiver picks to tie them at 24 going into Monday night.    

    At the beginning of Monday Night Football, Wang sat at 0 points with only Cam Newton left. Newton then threw four touchdowns on the night putting Wang tied with the rest at 24.    

    It all came down to the tiebreaker and since the Vikings game was a shootout, nobody picked close to 68. Helgeson had the highest guess at 47 and wins the coupon for one seven inch deli pizza, one free Ampride taxi ride or one free car wash from Ampride. The Crookston Times thanks Ampride/Crookston Fuel for sponsoring Fantasy Field Goal.    

    For my tip of the week: Leonard Fournette plays against Cleveland this weekend.

Week 10 Leaders
Vikings total points: 68

Joe Helgeson - 24
Jared Goff - 18
Le’Veon Bell - 0
Stefon Diggs - 6
Tie: 47

Jeff Dufault - 24
Jared Goff - 18
Le’Veon Bell - 0
Golden Tate - 6
Tie: 45

Tim Dufault - 24
Matthew Stafford - 18
Le’Veon Bell - 0
A.J. Green - 6
Tie: 43

Travis Nicholas - 24
Matthew Stafford - 18
Le’Veon Bell - 0
Adam Thielen - 6
Tie: 38

Jaxon Wang - 24
Cam Newton - 24
Todd Gurley - 0
Ted Ginn Jr. - 0
Tie: 37

Randy Beattie - 18
Matthew Stafford - 18
Todd Gurley - 0
Antonio Brown - 0
Tie: 48

Blake Kawlewski - 18
Matthew Stafford - 18
LeSean McCoy - 0
Antonio Brown - 0
Tie: 45

Season Standings
Through Week 10
Tiebreakers included

Austin Sommerfeld - 222

Tim Dufault - 210

Randy Beattie - 198

Heather Wang - 198

Dan Kawlewski - 192

Travis Nicholas - 192

Blake Kawlewski - 186

Jeff Dufault - 180

Joe Helgeson - 168

Mason Wang - 162

Debbie Dufault - 156

Jason Cassavant - 150

Rick Ohman -144