The Pirates of the Week are Leyton Salentine and Elizabeth Erdman.


Leyton Salentine - So. QB

    Head Coach Scott Butt says, “He had 145 yards passing and nine rushes for 128 yards and scored a touchdown against Roseau. He also threw for two touchdowns. On defense he had 4 unassisted tackles and one assistted tackle. Leyton had a strong game and is really starting to become a very productive player.”


Elizabeth Erdman - So.

    Assistant Coach Aly Bergstrom says, “Elizabeth is a sophomore this year. She has been out of the pool for a short while due to an injury. She was able to get back into the pool last Monday and has competed in two meets since. Her times seem to show little evidence of being gone and she has still been able to place to contribute points toward the team score. Elizabeth has a great attitude in the pool as well. She always has an upbeat mindset when she is in the pool. Her teammates enjoy her carefree personality. It is exciting to have Elizabeth back at practice and in meets. I am eager to see where Elizabeth’s continued presence brings her toward the end of the season.”