Seven teams came out to compete with the Devils Lake Snipers taking the championship.

    The Crookston Blue Line Club welcomed seven teams to the first American Crystal Sugar Beet Shootout on September 8-10. The first place winners were the Devils Lake Snipers, the EGF Storm took second and third place went to the Forks Phantoms.  The BLC wishes to thank all the teams who attended.    

    Executive Director Kristy Swanson commented on the event.   

    “We are very pleased to have the support of American Crystal as sponsors of this year’s fall tournaments,” Swanson said. “We hope the tournaments are successful, so this partnership can be an ongoing one. We created medals, clothing for purchase and a championship banner that incorporate the name of American Crystal this year.  We’d like to extend a big thank you to American Crystal for their sponsorship of this year’s fall tournaments.”    

    The Crookston Blue Line Club formerly held fall hockey leagues in efforts to develop regular season teams prior to the start of regular season in late October and early November. The leagues also gave Crookston skaters the opportunity to get on the ice before the regular season. After numbers fell in the past couple years, the board decided to attempt AAA Hockey Tournaments instead. According to Blue Line Club, it is proving to be a successful change.   

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