Geffre retires after 32 years to spend more time with family.

    Mike Geffre announced Wednesday his retirement from coaching Crookston Pirates boys tennis.

    Geffre notified Crookston High School athletic director Greg Garmen that Wednesday’s state tournament matchup against Litchfield would be the last he would coach the boys’ squad.

    “It’s just time,” Geffre said. “I want to spend a little more time with my own boys and with my wife. The spring’s always been kind of hectic so it’s getting more time to catch my breath and do some other things.”

    Geffre has spent the last 32 years at the helm of Pirates boys tennis which began in the spring of 1986.

    In that time, Geffre has led the boys’ squad to 13 Region/Section championships (1988, ‘93, ‘94, ‘95, ‘96, ‘97, ‘98, 2000, ‘01, ‘03, ‘15, ‘16, ‘17), and eight state finishes (2nd – 1993, 3rd – 1995, 4th – 1997, 3rd – 1998, 6th – 2003, 4th – 2015, 5th – 2016, 6th – 2017).

    Geffre said he’ll miss having the interaction with the student-athletes.

    “What they’re doing in their lives now,” Geffre said. “Where they started and where they’re at now.”

    He also noted that he’ll miss watching his players grow throughout the years.

    “A lot of kids are doing a lot of great things,” Geffre said. “Just actually seeing them progress from high school seventh graders to graduating and them heading to college and contributing to life.”

    Geffre said that he plans to return in the fall and continue coaching girls tennis.

    “I still plan on doing that right now,” Geffre says. “We’ll see what all that brings.”