Crookston finishes section tournament today (Tuesday).

    The Crookston Pirates boys and girls golf teams are sitting relatively close to where they would like to be.

    The boys golf team is currently tied for second place following day one Monday of the Section 8AA tournament at the Bemidji Town and Country Club.

    “We put ourselves in position on day one,” Pirates boys head coach Steve Kofoed said. “That’s what the first day is all about. Giving yourself an opportunity.

    “We’d like to be closer than nine strokes but we got in position which is what it is now. It’s a matter of going out and performing and making a few corrections that we have or are relatively simple corrections to make from yesterday and see what happens.”

    The Pirates shot a team score of 314 to tie Fergus Falls and currently sit nine strokes behind defending section champion Detroit Lakes.

    Crookston junior Ben Trostad and senior Dane Anderson are tied for third place individually with a 76.

    “They both put themselves in really good positions,” Kofoed said. “Those are good scores for those two guys. I think both of them felt like they left a few strokes out there yesterday. There were a couple holes where they felt like they didn’t play as well as they could have.

    “That’ll be a big thing for us if we can get those guys closer to even par. If nothing else, they put themselves in really good spots as individuals for the state tournament if the whole squad doesn’t make it which is obviously goal number one.”

    Pirate junior Ethan Magsam and sophomore Trey Christopherson each posted an 81 after the first day.

    “They played well for the majority of the holes,” Kofoed said. “If they can keep it in and do what they need to do they’ll be about five strokes better today.”

    Crookston sophomore Brock Heppner and senior Charles Eickhof posted an 82 and 84 respectively.

    “Better starts is obviously number one for them,” Kofoed said, “so hopefully they go out in the first few spots today and feel like they can get after it right away and get some buzz going around the golf course. That’s kind of the hope.”

Boys Golf Day 1
Team Results
1. Detroit Lakes         305
2. Fergus Falls           314
2. Crookston            314
4. Perham                  329
5. East Grand Forks    335
6. Thief River Falls      343

Boys Golf Day 1
Individual Results
1. Ben Unruh (Detroit Lakes)    72
2. Carter Justesen (Hawley)    75
3. Isaac Cihak (Detroit Lakes)    76
3. Ben Trostad (Crookston)    76
3. Dane Andesron (Crookston)    76
6. Gus Vatnsdal (Roseau)    77
6. Andrew Christenson (Fergus Falls)    77
6. Isaac Guck (Perham)    77
9. Izaak Olson (Roseau)    78
9. Adam Tonsfeldt (Barnesville)    78
9. Aaron Shelstad (Fergus Falls)    78
9. Nate Deziel (East Grand Forks)    78
9. Ryan Paskey (Detroit Lakes)    78
14. Nate Longtin (Fergus Falls)    79
14. Wyatt Blomseth (Detroit Lakes)    79
16. Dyson Thacker (Fergus Falls)    80
17. Charlie Rasmussen (Perham)    81
17. Trey Christopherson (Crookston)    81
17. Ethan Magsam (Crookston)    81
20. Luke Wurdock (United North Central)    82
20. John Marcwick (Pequot Lakes)    82
20. Brock Heppner (Crookston)    82
20. Sam Haubrich (Thief River Falls)    82
24. Bauer Brown (East Grand Forks)    83
24. Aaron Schnathorst (Detroit Lakes)    83
24. Branden Bushy (Thief River Falls)    83
27. Quinn Tangen (Roseau)    84
27. Ben Nelson (Perham)    84
27. Hunter Burnside (Detroit Lakes)    84
27. Charles Eickhof (Crookston)    84
28. Max Tangen (Pequot Lakes)    85
29. Charlie Aakre (Barnesville)    86
29. Aaron Myers (Thief River Falls)    86
29. Nathanial Emery (East Grand Forks)    86
32. Trey Soydara (Fergus Falls)    87
32. Marcus Belka (Perham)    87
34. Trevor Strandell (East Grand Forks)    88
35. Satchel Tickel (Hawley)    89
35. Spencer Breen (Fergus Falls)    89
37. Tate Usher (Park Rapids)    90
38. Blake Boen (Thief River Falls)    92
39. Philip Guck (Perham)    93
40. Brandon Mack (Thief River Falls)    94
41. Mason Hotakienan (United North Central)    96
41. Tucker Brown (East Grand Forks)    96
43. Zach Lee (Thief River Falls)    98
44. Adam Vatnsdal (East Grand Forks)    107
45. Leighton Rach (Perham)    110

Pirate girls in 2nd after Day 1
    The Crookston Pirates girls golf team came close to reaching its goal in the first day of the Section 8AA tournament in Bemidji.

    “I think we are in a good position,” Pirates girls head coach Jeff Perreault said. “We are right where we want to be. I’m very happy with our play overall.”

    Shooting for a sub-330 team score, the Pirates finished the day with a 334, just six strokes behind current first-place team and defending Section 8AA champ Detroit Lakes.
    “I think that puts a lot of pressure on the team that is leading the tournament,” Perrault said. “It’s been a few years where not too many teams can actually say that they have a chance to beat DL and we’ve got that chance (today.)”

    Perreault stated that many individuals deal with nerves when it comes to performing on a bigger stage.

    “When you’re talking about playoff golf now obviously nerves come into play,” Perreault said. “I think how teams handle that and how individuals handle that, it’s different for each player.

    “I thought we did a good job handling those nerves (yesterday) for the most part and posting scores that we need to be pleased with.”

    Crookston junior Ally Tiedemann led the team with a 76 and was tied for individual medalist honors after the first day.

    “Kind of what we hope for and expect from Ally,” Perreault said. “She’s very competitive and very talented. I thought she did a fantastic job getting herself around that golf course.

    Heading into the second day of the tournament today (Tuesday), Perreault said he thinks Tiedemann could come out on top.

    “She’s definitely got that game,” Perrault said. “Talking to her after the round (yesterday), she was talking about the few places where she left some strokes out there. I think everybody does taht after a round, but she certainly could go lower (today) that what she had (yesterday) and that’s our hope.”

    Maddie Nicholls rounded out the first day with an 83.

    “She’s going to push real hard (today) to try to beat that score,” Perrault said. “I think she has that within her.

    “I’d like to see her break 80 on this course. I think she has that in her bag. We would love to see that.”

    Pirate senior Elise Tangquist swung her way to an 86.

    “She left some strokes out there,” Perreault said. “There were about three puts that she would like to have back. She just wasn’t striking the ball real well on the putting green. Hopefully that will change for her (today).

    “On the positive side of her game, she was absolutely bombing her tee shots. She was very deep off the tee and giving herself good looks for second shots and things in the green. (Today) if she could put both things together, the game off the tee and that short game, she’s going to be able to score real well.”

    Crookston eighth-grader Catherine Tiedemann finished the day with an 89.

    “I thought Catherine did a nice job (yesterday) breaking 90 on that course,” Perreault said. “I think that she thinks that she can go lower as well.”

    Joslynn Leach completed the course with a 93.

    “Joslynn started very strong,” Perreault said. “Kind of struggled coming in on the first nine a tiny bit that carried over into her second nine but overall a very nice round from her.”

    Dani Boyle rounded out the Crookston team with a 100.

    “Dani started slow and it was a little struggle for her today,” Perreault said. “It’s one of those things where I expect her to bounce back (today). She’s been in the 80s on this course. If we can get some of those youngsters fired up (today) and firing good scores it could be interesting.”

    The Pirates finished the Section 8AA tournament today, but results were not available when the Times went to press.

    “It’s going to be pressure packed,” Perreault said yesterday. “Last day, big tournament. Should be great conditions for scoring (today.) Everybody’s going to need to shave a couple (strokes) for (today) in order for the Pirates to be in the hunt.”

    Yesterday’s team score was the second lowest of the season for the Pirates. Perreault noted that the second day of sections needs to see the team post the lowest score of the season.

    “It’s going to have to be,” Perreault said. “If it’s not the lowest team score of the year we don’t go on as a team to the state tournament. Last day of basically the regular season. We need to post our best score and so we’ll see what happens (today.)”

Girls Golf Day 1
Team Results
1. Detroit Lakes        328
2. Crookston           334
3. Perham                 362
4. Thief River Falls     363
5. Pequot Lakes         366
6. Park Rapids Area    373

Girls Golf Day 1
Individual Results
1. Ally Tiedemann (Crookston)    76
1. Alex Stone (Pequot Lakes)    76
3. Abby Schramel (Detroit Lakes)    77
4. Gina Wensloff (Roseau)    78
5. Maddie Herzog (Detroit Lakes)    80
6. Maddie Nicholls (Crookston)    83
6. Shelby Busker (Detroit Lakes)    83
8. Abby Mac Farlane (Fergus Falls)    86
8. Jill Safranski (Thief River Falls)    86
8. Anna Krieger (Pequot Lakes)    86
8. Elise Tangquist (Crookston)    86
12. McKayla Woods (Wadena-Deer Creek)    87
12. Kolbey Bormann (Perham)    87
14. Anna Cihak (Detroit Lakes)    88
15. Liz Sonnenberg (Perham)    89
15. Catherine Tiedemann (Crookston)    89
15. Lauren Tschider (Detroit Lakes)    89
15. Drew Hilmanowski (Park Rapids)    89
19. Jess Rondestvedt (Wadena-Deer Creek)    90
20. Brenna Schaefer (Thief River Falls)    91
20. Gabi Ross (Wadena-Deer Creek)    91
22. Bailee Kolden (Thief River Falls)    92
22. Allie King (Perham)    92
24. Abby Hobbs (Fergus Falls)    93
24. Brooke Filipi (East Grand Forks)    93
24. Joslynn Leach (Crookston)    93
24. Madison Johnson (Park Rapids)    93
28. Mallory Belka (Perham)    94
28. Kendra Sparby (Thief River Falls)    94
30. Haily Usher (United North Central)    95
30. Chloe Johnson (Park Rapids)    95
32. Sabela Valverde Andrade (Park Rapids)    96
32. Madi Womble (United North Central)    96
34. Olivia Wallace (Park Rapids)    97
34. Alisha Rosen (Perham)    97
36. Serena Langen (Perham)    98
37. Elly Johnson (Pequot Lakes)    99
37. Kilah LaPlante (Roseau)    99
39. Dani Boyle (Crookston)    100
40. Kaitlyn Hagevold (Thief River Falls)    102
41. McKenna Mallow (Detroit Lakes)    103
42. Olivia McDonald (Park Rapids)    104
43. Hayden Boelter (Pequot Lakes)    105
44. Maddie Pederson (Pequot Lakes)    110
45. Toni Nolan (United North Central)    119
46. Lachlan Larson (Pequot Lakes)    127
47. Abi Semanko (Thief River Falls)    128