Some mercy from Mother Nature later this week
There's a debate currently raging, and maybe you're engaged in it. Is this cold and snowy "spring" truly something worth freaking out over, or have we just been spoiled more often than not in recent years by rapid spring thaws? The truth is somewhere in the middle. March is statistically the snowiest month of the winter, and winter storms can still rage well into April. But it's the persistent cold and the lack of much snow melt that is making this so-called spring so unusual, and frustrating. It's just plain cold. Making people more depressed, it looks like a wintry mix of weather is poised to hit the region later this week, with rain and some possible snow. At this point, our only option is a positive attitude, and continued patience. And a hope that the unpleasant, wet and/or wintry weather bearing down on us is pushed in another direction by Mother Nature.

Spring is a great time to check your fire extinguishers
People say that Daylight Savings time is a great reminder to not only change your clocks, but to also change the batteries in your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. It’s also a great time to check your fire extinguisher(s) that either sits in a closet or on a shelf in your home or garage. Manufacturers say most extinguishers should work for five to 15 years, but you might not know when you got that extinguisher. Some firefighting experts say to check the pressure gauge monthly, but who really can remember that? Over time, the seal on the neck of the extinguisher weakens and allows compressed gas to escape. Extinguishers that have lost much of their pressure will not operate. Who wants to find that out during an emergency? We will just assume none of you. Go check your extinguishers for any kind of expiration date and, if you can’t find one, consider buying a new one and putting a purchase tag/date on it to keep track. You never know when you might need it.     

A great day for senior citizens and CHS drama students at Thursday brunch
As the annual senior citizen brunch approaches, Crookston High School drama students and Leo Club seniors hope to have a large turn out. The annual senior citizen brunch will be held on Thursday April 12 at CHS. The Crookston High School Leo Club seniors will be welcoming the senior citizens with golf cart rides into the school, and then will be serving them brunch starting at 8:30. After the brunch the Crookston High School drama students will be presenting “Almost Maine,” directed by Beth Carlson and Madison Crane. The Crookston High School Leo Club seniors and drama students hope to see a large turn out on Thursday morning.
– Ally Tiedemann, student writer

A little more appreciation for Reed’s performance
What's so terrible about Patrick Reed? What did Patrick Reed do wrong? Maybe golf fans at Augusta National during Sunday's final round of The Masters were melancholy because forty-something fan favorites Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson under-performed and were non-factors. Maybe they wanted Rory McIlroy to win, and then Jordan Spieth, and then Rickie Fowler. Whatever it was, Reed, an American who was the heart and soul of the United States team that won the Ryder Cup at Minnesota's Hazeltine two years ago, played his heart out and earned his first green jacket, and the crowd's reaction was noticeably muted, even awkwardly so. Yes, Reed is a confident guy and even brash, and, yes, he had behavior issues as a college golfer and apparently he doesn’t get along with his parents, but he was the best golfer on the planet Saturday and Sunday. He deserved a better fan reaction.

A Timberwolves playoff berth, a little joy, and less bellering
This is THE week for the T-Wolves. They have two games left, and they probably need to win both to make the playoffs for the first time in 14 years. What a strange season, and what a strange vibe around this team. They're the best Wolves team in more than a decade, but fans continue to gripe. The thinking here is that it all traces back to coach Tom Thibodeau, who, at least in public, brings nary an ounce of joy to this team's equation. His dour, sour demeanor seems to spread like a virus. And that  non-stop yelling from courtside during every possession, it's so exhausting to listen to while watching on TV, one has to wonder how draining it is for the players. There was a screen shot on Twitter showing "Thibs" bellering from courtside and the clock showed the game was 12 seconds old. It's too much, and makes the team's successes more dificult to actually enjoy.