Last weekend I attended the Dakota Territory gun show in Grand Forks.   According to the less than honest left biased media, everyone attending this show would have been shot.  Thousands of rounds of ammo, thousands of hand guns, rifles and shotguns of all types.  Included were hundreds of the AR type so demonized, yet the most popular hunting, sport shooting and self-defense rifle in the US.  Yet no on was shot, no one was killed and no ammo just went off.  Not one gun got up and started shooting.  NRA members everywhere, new members standing in line to renew or join the NRA.  Open carry, others with a rifle over their shoulder looking to trade or sell.  Can someone explain this?

    We are told that the AR type is the problem.  This rifle shoots no different than any other semi auto rifle that is legal to purchase and own, it just looks different.  To ban the AR is code word by the gun grabbers to start the first step in total gun bans.  First the AR, then the other semi auto’s that look like traditional rifles.  After that it will be hand guns, then big game rifle with scopes as they will be deemed sniper rifles and on it will continue.  We are also told that as the 2nd Amendment was written when only “muskets” were used, that means that was what the founding fathers meant.  Yet the 1st Amendment written at the same time magically protects the current mode of communication devices there were not invented at the same time.

    Before new gun laws are invented that only impede law abiding citizens their Constitutional rights, fix the current ones.  The recent incidents have more to do with the government agencies lack of responsibility, doing their job and getting info to the background data bank.  Enhance the school areas and get rid of the ridicules “gun free zones”.  Put a responsible trained person with a gun in the schools with the local presence of law enforcement routinely driving in school parking lots and the evil doers will be going elsewhere.

Bob Lebacken
Reynolds, North Dakota