When Don Moe ran for Minnesota State Auditor, Bill Clinton came to St. Paul. The Clintons were dressing for an evening campaign reception, when Bill, while watching local TV, said, “Hey, Hillary come look at this, a clean campaign ad.”

    It was the way with Don Moe. At the reception, Don learned from Bill what Bill had told Hillary about the ad reflecting Don’s honest reputation, as echoed in an editorial without degrading his opponent.

    It was one of many reasons I was proud to work for him. While Don held legislative office, the public pension funds had grown to become a huge mischief magnet—attracting folks who want to raid it for personal projects, or to overpay current pensioners during temporary upswings in fund assets, etc., to the detriment of future pensioners who, if Don had relinquished his watchdog responsibility, would be left short as market swings depleted available assets. Don withstood those onslaughts with policies that built the funds to fiscal solidarity; able to withstand swings in the stock market it is invested in; able to prevent unnecessary calls on taxpayers to bail out over-drawn pension funds; sometimes cutting off powerful opponents who eventually helped get him out of office.

    Now, when I see my pension check, I feel grateful for my friend Don; for his ability to brave the wilderness; and for his family’s willingness to share him with us.

Russ Doty
Greeley, Colorado

    Doty, a retired attorney, lived in Minnesota from 1970 to 1994. He says he lobbied for the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency for three years and worked as chief of the Governmental Operations Committee staff when it was chaired by Don Moe.