Why is being elected and retaining a modern day political office so desirable?

    Why is being elected and retaining a modern day political office so desirable?  Tens, even hundreds of millions of dollars and years of effort are brought to bare to obtain a political office.  It obviously has to be the satisfaction of serving one's country, right?  Maybe it is about just wanting to give back to a country which has given so much.  While there are public servants whom possess and uphold such honorable intentions, all too often the real answer (unfortunately for the electorate) dwells in what has driven man since man was given free choice: MONEY AND POWER.  In politics today, money and power are directly proportional to the length of time one holds a political office, which in turn wields influence, which then can be "cashed-in" on.

    So, what can "we the people" do to return an elected office, from being a job for life, back into the legislative system that the Founders envisioned?  A system where the farmer, the school teacher, the merchant, and the mechanic would serve his or her term; then go back home to resume their prior lives and actually live under the laws they enacted... a system where the "professional politician" is non-existent.

    Fortunately, our Founders had the incredible foresight and wisdom to give us a constitutional tool, The Convention of States, to return legislative power back to the states where it was originally intended to be.  The Article V Convention of States project is designed to end the scourge of career politicians and limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government.  We must first acknowledge we no longer function as the representative republic that the Founders had envisioned.  We must also dispose of the myth that elections already impose term limits.  We all know that once elected, the money generated by selling "favors" insures re-election.  A Convention of States has the power to propose constitutional amendments that limit the amount of time a federal official can spend in Washington D.C.  These "Term Limits" can be imposed on any federal official, including Congressmen and Supreme Court Justices.  An Article V Convention of States Term Limit Amendment could be drafted in 3 basic yet effective proposals:

    First, it would enact a two, 6-year term limit for Senators; a three, 2-year term limit for the House; and one, 10-year limit for Supreme Court Justices.  Elections would be offset so an equal number of incoming freshmen would always be balanced with the more experienced legislators.

    Second, the rate of pay in government service would be indexed to the median yearly salary and benefits of all United States Citizens (currently, $59,039).  There would be no "golden parachute retirement" and no inflated per diam.  The Founders envisioned legislating as a service to the nation, for a finite period of time, not as a money-making career.

    Lastly, the most important proposal, a statute that simply states NO office holders would be allowed to leave office wealthier than when they arrived.  These jobs, not "careers," should be based around a desire to give public service, not to gorge at the public trough.

    Now to address the "talking heads" out there, who will most certainly argue that if public service can't get you rich and help you accumulate power; talented people will not want to serve.  I would summit this... if eliminating the greedy, the power-hungry, and the outright corrupt from public service, becomes the fallout of enacting Term Limits; would that not be a good thing?  I sincerely believe there are an abundance of patriotic, well qualified Americans who would faithfully serve and sacrifice to do good for America.  If that were not the case, we would never be able to sustain a vibrant, standing, volunteer military force.

    The American people deserve leaders whose main goals are to fight for freedom and security, not re-election.  The results of an Article V Convention of States Term Limit Amendment would allow our chosen representatives and senators to be free from focusing on their next election and trying to preserve a lifetime career; instead, it would preferably encourage them to be more independent and bold with their voting decisions.  Perhaps Congress would then actually get something done for the good of our entire country and for "we the people" who put them there.

    It's time we wise up, America, because the "swamp" is NOT going to drain itself!  I urge you to support The Article V Convention of States, and to contact your State & Federal Representatives to enlist their support for Term Limits.  Please go to www.conventionofstates.com for more information.