The Times' Newsroom staff weigh in on what they think should happen this week with their Top Five Things.

Don’t overreact to power outage at Ed Widseth Field

The Crookston School Board Monday evening will meet, and on their agenda is a resolution to consider the approval of the ongoing usage agreement between the school district and University of Minnesota Crookston at Ed Widseth Field. The timing would lead one to think that board members might mention last week's electrical malfunction at Ed Widseth Field that caused the Pirate football playoff game to be finished the following day. But let's not overreact here. Let's not reignite talk of putting a football and track complex at the high school just yet. According to UMC facilities representatives, it was a simple circuit box malfunction that could have happened almost anywhere. Certainly, UMC officials feel bad enough already, so let's not twist the knife. Meanwhile, tweak the usage agreement if you want, but let's not use last week's power outage as an excuse to scrap it.
Let’s see some creative kids’ costumes on Halloween

Sure, it’s easy to walk into the big box store and have your child point out a costume in a hanging bag of one of their favorite characters and call it a day, but getting creative with their costume choice can be even more fun. Before you go to the store, ask them what they want to be. After the idea is there, go get supplies that will go along with their choice. Do they want to be a vampire? Get some white face paint, press-on fangs and maybe some black face crayons for their lips and eyebrows, slick their hair back and dress in black with a cape. Do they want to be a parrot? Gather up some colorful feathers to put in their hair and around their arms, if it’s a girl parrot maybe some brightly-colored tutus or tulle, if it’s a boy parrot maybe a sweet colorful tail. It might be a little more work, but it’s better than walking into a party with the same costume as someone else. 

Don’t be afraid to use layaway this holiday season

Do your kids want literally everything they see on television or in the newspaper’s store ads? Does your pocket book weep a little whenever it thinks of Christmas? Don’t fret. Layaway to the rescue. Layaway is a system of paying a deposit to secure an item for later purchase and, quite possibly, the way to go when you want to buy multiple things or a bigger ticket item as a gift for the holidays. It’s also easier than maxing out your credit cards and paying it back over a long period of time. Check your favorite stores to see if they have layaway and get those Christmas gifts reserved early.

Yes, it’s probably best to hit the deer, but...this?

Vehicle-deer collisions are basically a year-round concern in our region, but that concern ramps up in the fall, with less daylight and the approach of hunting season. The mantra from safety experts that motorists are likely better off just hitting a deer that shows up in front of their vehicle, instead of swerving and further endangering themselves and potentially others, is good advice. But let’s not use the deputy in Minnesota as an example of how to properly strike a deer. The deputy, responding to a call on a rural road at night, was traveling 114 miles per hour when a deer showed up in a nanosecond in front of his squad car and he hit it square, killing the deer, obviously, and causing major damage to the squad. Media coverage in the wake of the incident is much about the deputy doing right by not swerving to avoid the deer. The thinking here is that, upon viewing his dashcam video, the deputy had no time to consider any other option but hitting that deer square. At 114 mph, no one’s brain would react quickly enough to swerve and somehow avoid that deer. It was such a violent colllision the deputy is fortunate he wasn’t seriously injured.

Rhoda? No. Croft? No. Seth Green?

Senior quarterback Conor Rhoda showed earlier this season that he lacks the offensive skills to lead the Gopher football team to glory. Redshirt sophomore Demry Croft has now showed the same alarming ability to play quarterback at a level necessary to enjoy any success in the mighty Big 10 Conference. The Gophers have an excellent running game, but that alone won't cut it. This season, head coach P.J. Fleck's first, at the very best will result in the Gophers playing in a meaningless bowl game, but it's much more likely they won't even earn that achievement. Fleck himself has indirectly slapped the current squad in the face by calling this "Year Zero" while he supposedly "changes the culture" of a team coming off a 9-win season and a major bowl upset, so why not give onetime highly touted quarterback Seth Green a shot? What do the Gophers have to lose?