Recently as we all know, President Trump spoke at the United Nations.

    Recently as we all know, President Trump spoke at the United Nations.  His speech was essentially a ruthless rant of arrogance, ignorance and denial.  He boasted: “It has just been announced that we will be spending almost $700 billion on our military and defense.  Our military will soon be the strongest it has ever been!”  This statement was probably meant to impress, intimidate or scare those present.

    Twenty-three countries there were certainly not impressed.  They have Universal Health Care for their citizens and are not as foolish and wasteful as the U.S. which has millions enduring the cruelty of denial of Universal Health Care.   Trump also doesn’t want to address the fact that the Pentagon with its immense military operations throughout the world is the World’s Biggest Polluter which contributes greatly to Climate Change/Chaos.  The fact – Climate Change – was made ever so clear by recent horrendous storms – a sign of things to come. These facts get in the way of Trump’s desire to rule the world and make more fortunes for he and his cronies.

    For many I know in my relations and work, the Trump presidency is frightful.  He is exactly the wrong person to be a president, especially in these times.  The Vietnam War Ken Burns documentary on PBS recently brought home the horrors of war with its needless death and destruction.  Aggression – the desire to control and rule by force themes of Trump are dangerous, especially in the hands of this ego-maniac who never knows “better left alone.”

    A while back I was at a benefit for Honor the Earth in Moorhead with Bonnie Raitt, The Indigo Girls and Annie Humphrey.  The music was great but just as uplifting was its themes expressed often of Peace & Love, the care of each other, inclusion, respect, compassion and a determination to express these human qualities and beliefs daily and to care for Mother Earth – Land Air and Water.  This was a true antidote from the daily gloom of the Trump atmosphere of racism, misogyny, religious bigotry and wanton plunder.

    I welcome a Trump impeachment certainly only a minor step forward since corporate control is of both parties.  But it would change the tone and mood to one of Hope – desperately needed.