The Times' Newsroom staff weigh in on their top five things of the week.

Let’s go Golden Eagles and Pirates football

This Thursday, August 31, the University of Minnesota Crookston Golden Eagles AND the Crookston High School Pirates have their first home football games at Ed Widseth Field. UMC faces Upper Iowa University at 4 p.m. and CHS plays East Grand Forks right after at 8 p.m. The weather is supposed to be nice so bring the whole family and settle in on the bleachers or stand along the outside track to watch your favorites in action. Go Golden Eagles! Go Pirates!

Enough with the white supremacist hate resurfacing

Ever since the disastrous white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, signs of the vile group have been resurfacing around the U.S.  Stories of families being ripped apart by Neo-Nazi members and swastikas carved at public places have flooded the news recently, even in our northern, liberal state of Minnesota.  After all these years, white supremacy should not still be a problem.  How long will it take us to truly accept that everyone is equal and that one race or gender is not the superior one?  Discrimination can be found almost everywhere, as people are discriminated for their gender, religion, ethnicity, skin color, and a multitude of other ridiculous reasons.  Why are continually told that we must be only Christian, that women are only capable of some things, and that the white race is superior?  All races and ethnicities are equal, and women are just as capable of holding positions of power as men.  Allow people to choose their own life and who or what they worship, let go of the deeply ingrained racism that still plagues our country, and accept that women can be just as powerful as men. Let's move forward to a truly accepting society instead of moving backwards into the past abyss of racism and discrimination.
– Maddie Everett, intern

Legitimate concern for Vikings fans

Yes, in all of the major professional sports, fans know that preseason games are meaningless in the standings and are often meaningless as predictors of regular season successes or failures. But, still, the Minnesota Vikings this preseason look bad, on both sides of the ball. In this space last week, it was written that the Purple in their third preseason game at home against the 49ers on Sunday needed to show their fans something encouraging, on offense and defense. Well, what fans saw from the starters on both sides of the ball Sunday night was instead highly discouraging. Meanwhile, the Vikings backups are playing inspired football. Here's hoping it's just more meaningless preseason nonsense, which will continue Thursday as all of the Vikings’ starters sit out the final exhibition game. Be concerned, be very concerned…

Harvey aftermath: Republicans appreciate government?

It's always something to behold when Republican conservatives who think the government is bloated and that programs that help people need to have their budgets cut or eliminated all of a sudden find themselves needing the government's help and start looking for federal handouts. Republican lawmakers from Texas who voted against federal relief after Hurricane Sandy struck the northeast a few years ago now want trucks full of cash to come to Houston and other cities devastated by Hurricane Harvey's tornado and wind damage, and unprecedented floods caused by unprecedented rains. No need to go into more detail because we've all seen the devastation, but, again, it's just something to behold...anti-government zealots now wanting help from the very thing they so despise.

Powerball: A sad commentary?

What does it say about us as a nation or maybe the state of "us" right now in our nation that so many of us are willing to stand for hours and hours in a line that reaches around the block, just to enter a contest where the odds of getting rich are far less than one of us being struck by lightning...twice? That's where we're at, a few days after a woman in Pennsylvania had the winning Powerball ticket and took home, after taxes and everything else, more than $300 million in cash. Literally, people across the country sacrificed an entire day to stand in line and eventually buy some Powerball tickets. The media covered it all breathlessly and excitedly, as if it was innocent American fun and something to be celebrated. But is it just us, or is it more sad than anything?