The Times' Newsroom staff weigh in on their top five things of the week.

Check out our Ox Cart Days preview supplement

If you're reading this, you're probably aware that a pretty ambitious Ox Cart Days Festival kicks off in a little more than a week. But let this also serve as a reminder that in your Valley Shopper that gets delivered to you this weekend, you'll also find a 20-page Ox Cart Days previous supplement supported by Times advertisers and produced by Times staff. In it you'll find a complete schedule and details and photos previewing some of the main events, and new ones, too. Times' digital marketing services also helped create the official festival website,, so be sure to check that out as well for all of your festival news and information.

Nothing better: Summer and the ice cream man

When you were young, wasn’t one of the highlights of summer hearing the ice cream truck drive to your neighborhood? Luckily, that tradition still lives in Crookston. Kids still scream “the ice cream man is coming!” to their parents who willingly fork over a couple bucks to get a special treat. The parents get to take a trip down memory lane as their kids enjoy their Spongebob popsicle or chocolatey ice cream sandwich. If you’re lucky enough to have young kids or if you’re still a kid at heart, give the ice cream truck your business and keep traditions alive.

Check out ‘Ink Stories’ with Darkside Tattoos at the Library Monday

Looking for a unique event and something to do on a Monday? Look no further than your own Crookston Public Library. Tattoo artists from Darkside Tattoos in Grand Forks will “dispel” the stigma of tattoos. They’ll share the process as well as the techniques used for various works of art for the skin. There will also be an opportunity for people to share their personal stories behind their tattoos. If you have tattoos, want a tattoo, or just want to attend this “eye-opening” and “mind-opening” event, it starts at 6 p.m.

Check out the ‘Trump news of the day’

Every time you start to think that maybe critics of President Trump are overreacting and paranoid, something else happens that offers further evidence that Trump really does want some kind of dictatorial empire. The latest indication is a CNN commentator, Kayleigh McEnany, quitting the cable news network and the very next day starting a "Trump news of the day" report from right inside Trump Tower. You can't make this up. Well, maybe we should take that back. Kayleigh McEnany, prompted by the president and his team, can certainly make it up. Watch it, if you like. In fact, maybe you should give the “Trump news of the day” a serious look. Then compare, and conclude for yourself who’s delivering the most “fake news.” You shouldn’t have to haggle in your head for the answer for very long.

It’s August, which means it’s almost time for fantasy football

It's that time of year again, August, which means football, which means fantasy football, which means fantasy football enthusiasts are starting to read what the so-called "experts" who live and breathe this stuff 365 days a year have to say about what might happen during the upcoming National Football League season. Watch, listen and read up as much as you can, because the competition is cutthroat and trying to predict what will happen during an NFL season is...well, it's just really, really hard, OK? Good luck to everyone, and may all of your football fantasies become reality.