5 things we want to see happen

Watch out for deer, because it can happen to anyone
It can happen anywhere, anytime and to anyone. Deer. They sure love to play “chicken” in the road with vehicles. In 2015, the Minnesota Department of Public Safety reported that there were 13 total crashes involving deer In Polk County (that were reported), one fatality and four resulting injuries. In the state that same year, there were 2,141 crashes, six fatalities, and 345 resulting injuries all involving deer. So, how does one prepare for deer while they’re driving? Keep your eyes on the road and scan your environment at all times, and pray that one doesn’t decide to jump out of the ditch at your car. Stay safe everyone. 

Start getting pumped up for Ox Cart Days
Ox Cart Days will be here before you know it and there are so many events happening for this year’s festival. Tuesday through Sunday will be jam-packed with pageants, contests, entertainment, food, parades and photo opportunities. Need to get signed up for Thursday’s (Aug. 17) Lip Sync Battle/Air Guitar Contest? The Crookston Daily Times and UMC Admissions has you covered. Stop into the Times’ office or shoot us a comment on our Facebook page to get your name down to win $250 in CASH! That’s right, folks. Two minutes of your time on stage can get money in your hand. One song is all it takes. And you don’t even need to sing it out loud. Visit www.crookstonoxcartdays.com for the full Ox Cart Days schedule and get signed up for your favorite events.

Let’s stop climate change
Climate change.  We've all heard it before, and as trusted scientists continue to tell us, it is an issue, and we do need to start taking steps to stop this phenomenon from making our world uninhabitable.  Instead of blasting CO2 into the air and hoping that sea levels won't rise so much that they cover entire cities, let's change our mentality and try to preserve what we have left.  Tearing up nature to make way for more carbon spewing factories, another oil pipeline, or chopping down trees for profit only makes the problem worse and takes away from what wilderness there still is.  For the sake of the earth, try to hold off on making a little extra money right now so that nature can be preserved for the future.  Another viable solution is renewable energy.  Fossil fuels hurt the earth when they are taken from the ground by extreme methods such as fracking and when they are released again into the air as carbon dioxide.  We have the technology to make our energy green by using solar, wind, and other methods of power, so let's use it.  Although still important, the time has passed for simple measures such as recycling in one's own home and turning off lights.  Bigger things need to be done now if we want to truly change the course of our earth's steadily increasing temperature.  Let's campaign for Earth and stop climate change.                                           Maddie Everett, Summer Intern

Keep the ‘sports tourism’ events coming
So let's keep this going. Friday and Saturday's 3-on-3 basketball tournament on Second Street seems to have gotten rave reviews all around, and the phrase "sports tourism" has come up frequently amid all the praise. People came from out of town to play in the tournament or to watch it, so we can presume they spent some money in Crookston, and that's what this "sports tourism" push is all about. The tournament wasn't perfect, of course, and if it returns next year there is room for improvement, or just make it bigger and better. But this was a fun, unique event. Congrats to those who made it happen. Next up, let’s get some feedback and crunch some numbers to try and gauge the economic impact of the “streetball” tournament, and after that, let’s do some more cool events like it.

Vikings, keep locking up your best players, but wait on Sam
The Vikings inked an especially valued defender to a big contract extension on Sunday, and here's hoping cornerback Xavier Rhodes' new contract isn't the last the Vikings' brass pursue before the season starts. The team is loaded with young talent, and the franchise needs to stay ahead of the game by locking up their best and most promising players with long-term deals. Next up, how about beast nosetackle Linval Joseph? Just don't jump the gun with a big extension for quarterback Sam Bradford. Let the season play out, and go from there.