Once again, RiverView Recovery Center and the Glenmore Foundation are working together to help those struggling with addiction in our area.

  The Glenmore Foundation recently awarded the RiverView Foundation a grant in the amount of $10,000, designated to stretch and leverage the support of donors contributing to the RiverView Recovery Center.

  This is the fifth year the Glenmore Foundation has supported this donor match program.

  “I applaud Glenmore Foundation’s history and commitment to provide this annual financial assistance to help those with chemical dependency and their families, to promote education and awareness of chemical dependency, and to assist chemical dependency outpatient programs in the community and surrounding area,’’ stated Kent Bruun, RiverView Foundation director. “The Glenmore and RiverView Foundations have goals that mirror one another, and by working together we have the capacity to accomplish more.’’

  Glenmore Foundation Chair Janet Denison echoed Bruun’s sentiments: “Glenmore Foundation continues to partner very closely with RiverView Recovery and RiverView Health. Our Board is very invested in providing resources that maximize health and overall well-being,” she said. “We know that chemical health is a big puzzle piece of whole health and we are grateful for the excellent services provided in our region.

  “Curtis Hamre (RiverView Recovery director) is an innovative, tireless advocate for all those affected with addiction and we are honored to be able to support some of his and RiverView Recovery’s initiatives,” Denison added.

  To discuss this donor match opportunity or to arrange a visit with Bruun, contact him at 281-9249 or kbruun@riverviewhealth.org.