Public hearings held on 2018 list

    Crookston City Council approved improvement and preparation of plans and specifications for the 2018 Street Improvements at Monday’s meeting after six public hearings for each area undergoing work. Projects will be occurring on South Ash Street & Houston Avenue, McGrew Street, Winter Shows Frontage Road on University Avenue, South Main Street, Riverside Avenue, and Summit Avenue.
Project No. 959 - South Ash Street and Houston Avenue - estimated cost $326,327 - assessed amount $49,162.40

    Laure Williamson from South Ash Street came to the podium to talk about the dying Ash trees and told the council that the people on their side of the street “could care less” if they’re taken down because they’re dying. She added that with some of the trees, whenever there’s a light breeze, there are branches everywhere. Public Works Director Pat Kelly says some are removed to widen driveways and he would revisit the situation to address some of the dead/dying trees.

    “Laure was talking about widening the street to the same width as it is to the north by Sandy Kegler’s and that would necessitate removing the trees on Ash,” Kelly told the Times.  

    “Would that up the cost?” asked Ward 5 Council Member Dale Stainbrook to which Kelly replied that it could cost, maybe, an additional 15 percent and it should assess the same.

Project No. 960 - McGrew Street - estimated cost $96,720, assessed amount $8,400

    Alan Rimar from McGrew Street came to the podium asking if the city assesses every house that’s connected to that street because he was the only one with a “physical address” there. Kelly says they’re assessing all the other properties, depending on how the lots lay, and that they may assess down the block. City Clerk Angie Menge told Rimar that there are 10 total properties that will be assessed and Kelly added that they assess using different methods.

    “The road there is really bad,” admitted Kelly.

    “No others can be assessed after the public hearing,” Kelly told the Times later.

Project No. 961 - Winter Shows Frontage Road on University Avenue - estimated cost $337,960, assessed amount $40,325

    Ward 6 Council Member Tom Vedbraaten asked the rest of the council if everything was “straightened out” for this project to which City Administrator Shannon Stassen said they will have an agreement with the county to maintain it and they can still do the project. At Large Council Member Bobby Baird asked if there will be a sidewalk, but Kelly said they haven’t designed it yet.

    The project almost didn’t happen after a glitch was found pointing out that a small portion of the road was outside of city limits with the state owning the right-of-way in the area in question. If the matter couldn’t be resolved, the work would have to be pushed back to 2019. The city is now back on track and expects to take ownership of the road from the state after the frontage road project is complete.

    “The city will make the improvement to the frontage road and MnDOT will give us the funds to do it,” Kelly told the Times. “Not sure if it will be before or after construction; it depends on their budget cycle.”

Project No. 962 - South Main Street - estimated cost $88,959, assessed amount $21,000

    Justin Johnson from South Main Street came to the podium to express concerns of street flooding when it rains. He asked if they were going to be “digging it up” if they could do “something” with the storm sewer.

    “If you’re putting money into the street, do something there,” Johnson pleaded. “When it rains, it floods; and not just to the curb.”

    “When idiots drive through there, there are white caps just about to my house,” he added. “Our street gets beat up more than average like on Euclid or 5th.”

    Kelly explained that they’re just doing overlay, but that he will look into it.

    “It’s at the end of a storm sewer system and once the system gets full it has to let the other water go out, and it’s slow,” Kelly explained. “It’s maybe a little worse on 3rd Avenue and South Main.”

    Council members then discussed some of the other issues in that area including drainage problems and overland flooding. Kelly said that they have been working with Kevin Ross and tried to intercept a “good majority” of the water by the boulevard, and tried to maintain the ditch by the trailer court.

Project No. 963 - Riverside Avenue - estimated cost $37,686, assessed amount $14,265

    No one came to the podium and no discussions were held.

Project No. 964 - Summit Avenue - estimated cost $83,479, assessed amount $28,899.90

    No one came to the podium and no discussions were held.