She’s asking council to waive building permit fee, infrastructure costs as part of grant application

    Several months after asking the Crookston City Council to fund half of a $1 million-plus restoration project spearheaded by the Prairie Skyline Foundation that would turn the old Cathedral on Ash Street into a “Young at HArt” community center, the PSF’s Kay Hegge will return to city hall Monday evening with another related request.

    According to a memo accompanying the agenda for the council’s Ways & Means Committee meeting, a grant submission by the PSF for the Cathedral rehabilitation project is being prepared, and as part of the grant proposal the City is being asked to commit to putting in the water and wastewater service line infrastructure to the property, free of charge, and also waive the building permit fee that would be associated with the project.

    City Administrator Shannon Stassen indicates in the memo that any commitment by the City would be contingent on the grant being awarded and the project being implemented. He estimates the cost the City would waive for the extension of the infrastructure lines to be $8,380, and he recommends that the council grant the PSF’s request.

    Hegge is expected to be at the meeting to provide further deals. She and the PSF have for years been working toward a restoration project for the Cathedral, and the “Young at HArt” community center vision is to have the historic structure be a place for youth and art to flourish in a community center-type of setting. Hegge detailed the overall project to council members last year but didn’t ask for a specific amount of money for the council to pledge. When Mayor Wayne Melbye asked her how much she was seeking, Hegge said half of the total cost, which she said would greatly boost related fund-raising efforts.

    The council meets at 7 p.m. Monday in the council chambers at city hall. The committee meeting will follow immediately afterward.