Foundation has raised more than $790K in 10 years, including more than $165K last year, the most ever

    If you’ve ever been married, become a parent, or lost a loved one, you know what a difference a day can make. So much can happen in one 24-hour period to change the course of a lifetime. Now, what if you had the chance to change the course of many lives in one day? You can touch the lives of your loved ones, friends, neighbors and community in one 24-hour period of giving to the RiverView Foundation on Thursday, Feb. 8, Giving Hearts Day. With your donation, the Foundation will work to assure RiverView Health has the facilities, equipment and expertise to care for your community and follow its mission of delivering a healthcare experience that consistently exceeds patients’ expectations.

    Giving Hearts Day is one of the Foundation’s most important events. It is a 24-hour, online give-a-thon for RiverView and other non-profits through the Dakota Medical Foundation (DMF), Impact Foundation and Alex Stern Family Foundation. And while it may only last for one day each year, that one day has proven to make a major impact on high-priority, patient-centered projects at RiverView. Programs and funds have been started with Giving Hearts Day donations given in memory or honor of a loved one, and invaluable equipment has been acquired through funds raised during these one-day events, as well.

    This year marks the 11th annual Giving Hearts Day event. On this day, DMF, Impact Foundation, the Alex Stern Family Foundation and other donors will match online contributions up to $35,000 to the RiverView Foundation to stretch your donation farther. The match funding through the Giving Hearts Day program is only available on Feb. 8 from midnight to 11:59 p.m. Donations may be made online at or by contacting Foundation Director Kent Bruun. Links will also be provided on Feb. 8 on the RiverView homepage at and the KROX website at

    The RiverView Foundation has been a part of Giving Hearts Day since the beginning. Over the past 10 day-long events, the Foundation has raised over $790,000 through online donations. Last year’s day-long donations brought in more than $165,000 and marked the Foundation’s most successful day in the program.

    According to Bruun, undesignated funds from 2018’s Giving Hearts Day event will be used for RiverView’s most current need, an upgrade of the Inpatient Unit.

    “The Inpatient Unit portion of the building has served our community well since the 1950s, but its age and limitations are recognized as a growing concern,’’ Bruun shared. “The time is here for a retirement of the space and for our hospital’s renewed investment in an improved Inpatient Unit that will enhance care and better accommodate the needs of our patients, their families and our clinical care team.

    “Together we can accomplish anything we set our hearts out to do,” he continued. “Please consider joining in this growing movement of giving for the benefit of our local hospital and the wellbeing of our community.’’

    If you would like to help the Foundation with its mission of assisting with RiverView Health’s most critical needs, please make a personal donation on Giving Hearts Day and let others know the importance RiverView Health has had in your life by asking them to make an online contribution, as well.

    For more information, contact Bruun at or 281-9249. If you would like assistance with your online donation, stop by Bruun’s office, located near the RiverView Cafeteria, and he will take your information in a secure, confidential setting and input the information for you.