John Lucid won this years Alpha Eta Rho Upsilon Mu Chi Chapter Scholarship. Following are some thoughts John put on paper thanking everyone and describing what he plans to do with the money.  

    “To start this application off, I do not believe I deserve the scholarship money any more than any other money. Being a newly found fraternity, each and every one of us did work todays allowing to label ourselves within this organization. There were hurdles to jump, but in the end picture, we are Alpha Eta Rho.

    “I am not going to argue a case in which I deserve it more than any other member, however, I am going to inform you on how I would use the scholarship. To start off, I would delegate some of the money back to the fraternity.

    “As I said before, we are newly found, and have not been to do a whole lot as a so called “family” per say. Perhaps using it to pay to improve the quality of the space we do most of our hanging out together as a group and pay for the meal.

    “I would also use that money to help pay for my living expense of rent. I am a college student, and with that comes the constant struggle of financial issues. With that being said, A large sum of the scholarship would be put towards the conflict of me supporting myself living in the 56716 area code.

    “Following those two plans of action, I would gaze onto to remainder of cash I had in my hand and put that back into our chapters scholarship fund for the following semester. Although we had a plan to reward a larger amount, we ran into funding issues for our first campus wide activity we hosted. With that being said, I am a part of this fraternity, and donating the rest of the money back into our cause would help bring us closer to our goal.”