Themed dress days will lead up to Saturday dance and Sunday Mr. CHS Pageant

    On Sunday, February 11 Crookston High School will be holding their annual Mr. CHS Pageant in the auditorium at 2 p.m. with a small admission fee.  

    The contestants are all seniors and will consist of Zach Sanders, Luis Argueta, Keaton Lindgren, Lukas Andringa, Cade Salentine, Gunnar Roed, and Jake Wagner.  The theme is Rock & Roll.  

    Last year’s winner, Jake Widseth, amazed the crowd with his talent using his Yo-Yo skills.

    The contestants will be judged on a Q&A, formal wear, group dance, and talent portion. The winner will be decided by the judges and then will be fitted at the end of the show by 2017’s Mr. CHS, Jake Widseth with the coveted Mr. CHS belt.

    The pageant will wrap up 2018 Snowfest Week at the high school.

    The Snowfest themed days of the week will be Monday: Camo /USA day, Tuesday: Jersey day, Wednesday: Dress to Un-impress day, Thursday: Sioux vs. Gophers day, Friday: Pirate Pride day.

    The semi-formal Snowfest dance will happen on Saturday, February 10 from 9 p.m. to midnight. The admission fee is $10.