Note to readers: It’s Catholic Schools Week this week. Students at the Crookston Cathedal School wrote essays in which they detailed the reasons they love their school, and the essays were submitted to the Times by their teachers.

    Why I love Cathedral School by the kindergartners

    Reese Delage: “I love Cathedral School because we learn to love!”

    Beau Smith: “I love Cathedral School because we learn about God.”

    Makiah Loeslie: “I love Cathedral School because we get to read the Bible.”

Why I like Cathedral School by the 1st graders

    Kinsley Wangen: “I like Cathedral School because I like gym.  In gym, we play basketball and run.  We work hard.  We go to Church.”
    MaKenna Weisse: “I like Cathedral School because we learn about God and I like to go to the Villa.  Mrs. Erickson is the best teacher ever and I like going to gym!  We play color tag.
    Catelyn Maruska: “I like Cathedral School because I like laps in gym.  I like music because I like to sing.  I like 10 star parties.”

Why I love Cathedral School by the 2nd graders

    Aleya Leoslie: “I love Cathedral School because all of the kids are kind, loving, caring, and helpful.  Everyone is hard working, especially the teachers.  I like how we learn about Jesus.  I like math because we play games with it.  I love, love, love Cathedral because we go ice skating in the spring and go to swimming lessons in the winter.

    Lacey Follette: “I love Cathedral School because they help me be the best-version-of-myself!  Cathedral School helps me learn about God and Jesus’ love for me.  Cathedral School helps me pray.  Cathedral School helps me learn.  I like Catholic School’s Week.  I love Cathedral School!”

    Josiah Herberg: “This is why I love Cathedral School.  I love to pray and to read.  We have good teachers and a good principle.  I love doing scooters and color tag with my friends.  In January we get to go skating. I get to learn how to be the best-version-of-myself!”

Why I like Cathedral School by the 3rd graders

    Brady Chandler: “Cathedral school is awesome.  I like it because we get mass on Wednesdays.  We have awesome lunches.  We have nice teachers.  
    We get to live above the line.  There are no bullies.  There is no gossip.  We have really god priests.  We make new friends.  All my friends come here.  Cathedral is the best school ever!”

    Peter Forgit: “Cathedral school is a very special school that I won’t leave.  Cathedral school is a very special school.  Lots of nice people go here. You barely get bullied because this is a Catholic
    This is a great place to go because you get to do all sorts of science experiments that other schools don’t get to do.  One science experiment we did was when you color on a plastic bag and put really really hot water in it then it gets warm and makes clouds of rain then it rains in the bag.  SCIENCE IS SO AWESOME!
    We have religion at Cathedral School too.  We get to learn about God and the Holy Spirit.  We also get to go to church and hear the Gospels and readings and homilies.
    Cathedral school is an awesome place where you can learn, have fun, and play.  You should come to Cathedral School and have lots and lots of fun!”
    Connor Maruska: “Cathedra School is awesome!  We get to go swimming, and go skating at the hockey rink!  We go on lots of field trips!
    I like our teachers  THEY ARE NICE!  I like our small classes!  I love our lunches and if you don’t like what if for lunch you can get brown bag!  Brown bag is a peanut butter jelly sandwich.  Our secretary is Mrs. Hollcraft!  Our principal is Mrs. Jones!  I love gym we get gym four times a week!  We get gym Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  We get to go to mass every Wednesday.  Our main priests are Father Augie and Father Vinecent.  On the first day of school if you’re in Mrs. Kraft classroom you get to have home made ice cream her brownies are awesome too!
    Cathedral school is awesome because WE GET TO LEARN ABOUT GOD!

Why I like Cathedral School by the 5th graders

    Aiden Fisketjon: “Cathedral School is a great place to go to school.  Most of my friends come here.  I get to talk to them quite a bit.  Most of my hockey team goes to school here too.
    I also like that we start early and get off early in the school year.  We also get a lot of days off, so I can have more time for hockey.
    Cathedral School is also really, really close to my dad’s house.  I ride the bus so it doesn’t take long to get home after school.
    These are a few things about Cathedral School.  That is what I like about it here.

    Conner Hanson: “I like Cathedral School for many reasons.  
    I like our music program.  It is one of my favorite subjects.  We have request songs and we have student of the day.  We play music games too.  Sometimes we have other grades come and sing with us.
    We take field trips at Cathedral School.  We get to go to different places like track and field, museums, zoos, and more.  We go with other grades too sometimes, and sometimes just our own class.
    Computer class is one of my favorite subjects.  Art is another one of my favorites.  In computers we get to do fun activities sometimes.  We also get treats.  I like art because I like to draw.
    I like to do all assignments, because the teachers make them fun.. They sometimes give us treats when we take a test.  We also get tickets and we are able to buy things with them.  For Science we switch into their 6th grade classroom for 40 minutes and then come back to our classroom three days a week.
    We go to Church often.  We also have recess in the morning.  Sometimes we will have morning Prayer with the whole school.  That is on Monday and Thursday morning.  On wednesday we will have Mass.  On most Fridays the 5th and 6th grade will have Friday With The Father.  Sometimes we will have treats after Mass, and sometimes teachers will even give ext a tickets or stars as an award for good behavior.  We even get free time sometimes for good behavior.
    These are some of the reasons I really like cathedral School.

    Michael Miller: “Cathedral School is a special place for me.  I would like to tell you some of the reasons why i like it here.
    At Cathedral School we go on lots of fun and exciting field trips.  One time we went to the Fertile Sandhills, and this year we went to the Hjemkomst Center in Moorhead, MN to see a replica of a Vikings ship.  We also got the chance to learn about the famous St. John’s Bible.
    The subjects I like in school vary depending on what day it is.  ON Monday, we have Rosary in the morning.  On Tuesday we have Morning Prayer.  On Wednesday we have Mass.  ON Thursday we have Morning Prayer.  On Friday we have Friday With The Father.  ON Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we  have music.  On Tuesday and Thursday we have computers.  ON Wednesday, we have library.  On Friday we have art.  The rest of our days are filled with academic classes.
    These are the reasons I like Cathedral School

What I have learned at Cathedral School by the 6th graders

    Elsa Dingmann: “What I have learned at Cathedral School is to be a great friend.  To be kind even when people aren’t treating you kindly.  What I have learned is to stand up for the right thing and to not just stand up for what’s wrong just because everybody else is doing that.  If everybody in this world was the same we would have one boring world.  I also have learned that no one is more special then someone else in God’s eyes.
    I have learned how to read and write and now I love writing stories.  I learned how to multiply and divide but I don’t like math.
    What I have learned at Cathedral School is to live above the line.

    Isabelle Smith: “What I have learned at Cathedral School is very important in both education and life.  I have learned how to do things like math, science, and reading, which are very important to have in a good education, but the most important thing that I have learned is to be kind to everyone.  Kindness is an amazing thing that helps the whole world get alone.  If everyone was kind all the time then we wouldn’t have war, arguments, or fights.
    At Cathedral school, everyone is kind most of the time.  Sometimes we have arguments and sometimes we have disagreements because nobody is perfect.  But I have seen people help a friend because they were hurt of sad.  I have seen people do kind things even when no one is looking.  People do kind things because they know that is what Jesus would do.
    I love Cathedral School because of the students, the teachers, the staff, and the environment of kindness and friendliness.  People know that it takes more than being friendly, you have to be a friend.  Everyone at Cathedral School does the right thing even when nobody sees them.  That is something I love about Cathedral.  People at Cathedral School know that if you have to choose between being right and being kind, you should always choose kind.  At Cathedral School we know that you should never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.
    “There are three things in life that are important.  The first is to be kind, the second is to be kind, and the third is to e kind,  Be kind, because everyone is fighting a harder battle.””
    Caden Boike: “This is my sixth year at Cathedral School.  I have made so many friends!  I have also learned many things.  I have learned that you should always be kind to others no matter what happens.  I have also learned that you should always try your best, and to be a good friend.  The teachers here at Cathedral are really cool!  I have learned that studying for tests is very important.  I have learned that you should start your homework early so that you don’t forget.  I have learned that reading is more fun than it looks.  I’m kind of sad that this is my last year here .  I have learned that the years go by really fast so you need to make the most of them.  Those are some of the things I have learned at Cathedral School.”