Christian Brothers Ford bid is around $900 more than bid from Hibbing

    The City of Crookston will pay around $900 more for a new, 2018 Ford Explorer that will join the fleet of Crookston Police Department squads so that it can purchase the vehicle from a local dealership, Christian Brothers Ford.

    While there’s no official policy on the books, the Crookston City Council generally will look to buy local if the local bid is within the ballpark out bids submitted by vendors elsewhere. When it’s come to purchasing vehicles, a $1,000 difference has often been the threshold that leads City leaders to spend a little more in order to keep the money local.

    Two bids were received for the new CPD squad vehicle. Going through the “state bid” process accessible to municipalities and other governmental units, the City received a bid from Ford of Hibbing for a 2018 Ford Explorer for $28,807. The Christian Brothers Ford bid for the same make and model was $29,710, or $902 more.

    The new Explorer will replace a 2012 Explorer with 127,500 miles on it, which CPD Chief Paul Biermaier said is a higher odometer reading than most vehicles that are replaced in the CPD’s fleet. But when the CPD didn’t purchase a new squad in 2016, instead choosing to spend significant dollars on significant remodeling at the department, City Administrator Shannon Stassen said additional money was put into repairs on the 2012 Explorer to keep it properly maintained and operational.

    Biermaier said it’s expected that, instead of selling the 2012 Explorer, it will be assigned to School Resource Officer Don Rasicot.