Property damage, burglaries, thefts reported on late August night in and near downtown Crookston

    A Crookston man faces 13 new charges after a late August incident downtown where he reportedly tampered with vehicles, broke into multiple banks, caused damage and stole property. Bryan Alvin Wagner, 18, will have his first appearance for the new charges Thursday, which include nine counts of tampering with or entering a motor vehicle without the owner’s permission, three counts of theft, and fourth-degree damage to property.

    The 13 new charges against Wagner, which are all misdemeanors, were filed January 4 with the “date of offense” being August 29, 2017. Wagner allegedly “tampered with” nine different vehicles, took a ring and two garage openers, and broke a window on South Ash Street that night.

    Wagner already has seven felony charges against him, which include two counts of second-degree burglary and five counts of first-degree damage to property, from the night in question after allegedly breaking into and/or damaging multiple local businesses and residential property.

    According to the court complaint, on August 30 at approximately 3:30 a.m., Crookston police responded to an alarm activated at Agassiz Federal Credit Union and found that the glass doors to the north and rear were shattered. Officers observed a trail of coins on the ground leading south from the rear door. Later, they found Wagner, who matched the description they were given of a man who attempted to break into a vehicle early that morning, walking with blood on his hands, face, arms, shirt and pants, and not wearing shoes. Wagner denied being inside any of the banks, but after two individuals positively identified him as the man who had tried to break into their motor vehicle, he was placed under arrest. When officers performed a pat-down search of Wagner, after reading him his rights, they found a pocket full of coins.

    During their investigation, officers also found the front door to Strander’s Abstract & Title LLC smashed, a window at State Farm Insurance on Broadway broken, a door at American Federal Bank smashed and the inside teller area ransacked, broken windows in the entrance doors to Trinity Lutheran Church, multiple vehicles tampered with, and damage at a residential home.

    Detectives were able to review surveillance camera footage from various locations and saw Wagner commit the crimes. At Agassiz Federal Credit Union, Wagner was seen walking inside and then running back out.