Melbye first proposed to change 16 out of 20 appointees; now they’ll all stay the same

    A couple weeks after putting forth a list of proposed council member appointees to various local/area boards, committees and commissions that kept only four out of 20 appointees from 2017 unchanged – an amount of turnover that raised the eyebrows of some council members and led a couple to wonder why Mayor Wayne Melbye was looking to make so many changes – the mayor has decided to maintain the status quo with his appointees in 2018.

    Ward 5 Crookston City Council Member Dale Stainbrook, the vice mayor who sat in for the out-of-town Melbye this week, made the announcement on Melbye’s behalf Monday night.

  “He was looking to move everyone around, but now they’ll stay the same,” Stainbrook said. “Everyone will stay where they were at.”

    The mayor putting forth a list of council member appointees to boards, committees and commissions is an annual process that coincides with the calendar turning over two a new year. The mayor also submits a list of community member appointees to similar boards, committees and commissions. Melbye said a couple weeks ago that his initial list of council member appointees for 2018 didn’t include a lot of changes, but as he talked to more people about it he said he was encouraged to “freshen things up a bit” so he modified his list of 20 proposed appointees, leaving only four unchanged.

    The proposed list for 2018 includes council appointees to the CHEDA Board, Charter Commission, CVB Board, Development Policy & Review Committee, Lake Agassiz Regional Library Board, Pine to Prairie Drug Task Force, Planning Commission, Polk County Planning & Zoning Board, School/City Swimming Pool Committee, Airport Commission, Library Board, Park Board, and Chamber Board.

    When a couple council members wondered why all of the changes were being made and said that they were enjoying where they were at and were just starting to get up to speed on how things work on the boards, committees and commissions upon which they serve, Melbye asked council members to spend some time pondering his proposed changes before considering them for approval on Jan. 8.

    With all of the appointments now set to remain the same in 2018, there was no council vote on them this week.