Participating downtown business can now include indoor lighting

    The Downtown Crookston Development Partnership continues to offer assistance to downtown businesses and building owners with their lighting rebate program that now includes indoor options. Interested parties can have a lighting assessment done inside their buildings to determine if a lighting upgrade can be done by simply changing out bulbs or if changing out fixtures entirely is the best route.

    The DCDP’s original offer of upgrading outdoor lighting was that downtown building or business owners could swap out up to two exterior lights from “inefficient incandescent” to high-efficiency LED lights for a rebate of up to $50 per fixture from the DCDP as well as a rebate offered through Ottertail Power to coincide with wattage savings, DCDP board member John Bridgeford explained to the Times. Now, in Phase 2 of the program, the incentive program focuses on the building’s interiors.

    After business and building owners purchase new bulbs or work with electricians to change out the fixtures, they can simply fill out Ottertail Power Company’s rebate form and be reimbursed up to 75 percent of the total cost of the project.

    “The DCDP will then pay 50 percent of the remaining balance of the project upon providing us with the work receipts and Ottertail form, and rebate amount,” said Bridgeford. “It ends up costing the downtown businesses and building owners very little to make a major upgrade to their building.”  

    If you are a downtown business or building owner and you’re interested in DCDP’s and Ottertail’s lighting rebate programs, contact DCDP board member John Bridgeford at (218) 280-5369 or email, or Ottertail Power Company Energy Management Representative Roger Garton at (218) 739-8542 or email