Stainbrook says he’s hearing ‘rumors’ that city administrator’s annual review ‘could go the other way’

    After Ward 5 Council Member and Vice Mayor Dale Stainbrook’s recommendation to conduct the next performance evaluation of City Administrator Shannon Stassen in late summer or early fall was overruled by council members who want to do it sooner, it’s possible that the evaluation could take place as soon as Monday, Jan. 29.

    Stassen’s contract indicates that an evaluation will be conducted every year. Stainbrook, presiding over Monday’s Crookston City Council and Ways & Means Committee meetings for Mayor Wayne Melbye, who’s out of town, suggested doing the evaluation later this year because the council hasn’t yet conducted its annual strategic planning session, which typically results in a sort of roadmap of goals and objectives the council wants to pursue in the coming year and beyond. It’s looking like that day-long planning session is going to be held on Saturday, Jan. 27.

    At issue Monday was an “evaluation” of Stassen Stainbrook said was conducted in March 2017. Ward 1 Council Member Jake Fee said in his mind what transpired last March did not rise to the level of an evaluation or required “annual review” as stipulated in Stassen’s contract.

    “We had an issue in March and sat down in March and talked about it,” Fee said. “It was not an annual review.

    “It’s not fair to (Shannon) and us to not lay out goals and objectives on what we want him to do,” Fee continued.

    Stainbrook said he wants the evaluation to be “fair and balanced” in nature. “I hear the rumors that it could possibly go the other way, too,” he said. “Let’s have a constructive discussion.”