Authorities say son, 9, ran toward house yelling for help

    A Crookston woman faces several charges in Grand Forks County after police say she tried to steal a FedEx truck and forced her son to go with her after the FedEx employee stopped to help get her vehicle out of the ditch. Trisha Mary Berg, 37, was arrested Tuesday evening in rural Thompson where the FedEx driver was making a delivery when he stopped to help her.

    According to the criminal complaint, the FedEx employee went into the residence to seek help and noticed Berg attempting to drive the delivery truck away from the scene. The truck allegedly got stuck in the driveway and Berg’s son ran toward the house yelling, “Help me.” The Grand Forks Sheriff’s Office said Berg tried to force her son to flee with her and he was not dressed appropriately for the cold weather.

    Berg reportedly told her son to get into the FedEx truck with her in order to steal it. Her son attempted to tell her he didn’t want to get into the FedEx truck, but she forced him to get in anyway. Deputies gave Berg several commands when they arrived at the scene, but she refused, and, at times, was “spinning the tires” of the FedEx truck as they told her to exit the vehicle.

    Officers eventually were able to get her out of the truck, but they said she attempted to get free and resisted “the entire time.”

    Berg faces five misdemeanor charges including unauthorized use of a vehicle, physical obstruction of a government function and contributing to the deprivation or delinquency of a minor (Class A), as well as driving under revocation and disorderly conduct (Class B.) She faces over three years in prison if convicted of all charges and receives the maximum sentence for each charge.