Christmas & Awards Banquet held

    At its annual Christmas and Awards Banquet, the Crookston Fire Department dished out its annual awards and recognition of longevity milestones. Perhaps the biggest news to emerge from the evening was the decision to award the 2017 Firefighter of the Year Award not to an individual, which is typically the case, but to, according to Fire Chief Tim Froeber, “all past and present firefighters for their service and dedication to the people we serve on our 125-year anniversary in 2017.”

    Other honorees from the evening included:

Years of Service

    5 – Justin Johnson, Ryan Tull, Jake Leas, and Brian Hanson

    10 – Eric Rudnik

    15 – Trevore Brekken

    20 – Don Boone

    25 – Al Desrosier and Brian Halos

    How long has everyone else been with the CFD, but isn’t at a milestone year this year? Here’s a rundown: Kent Ellingson and Tim Froeber, 21 years each; Dan Crane, Chris Cournia, and Robin Steinbrink, 22 years each; Harold Unke, 31; and, Tom Feiro, 33

Perfect training attendance

    Tim Froeber, Dan Crane, Al Desrosier, Mike Swenson, Josh Plante, Eric Rudnik, Nate Magsam, Jim Perreault, Ryan Tull, Jake Leas, Brian Hanson, Robin Steinbrink, and Cole Ricard

Smoke-Eater Award (responding to at least 70% of general fire alarms)

    Shane Heldstab, Tom Feiro, Joe Leas, Mike Swenson, Derek Brekken, and Jake Leas