So is a ‘sports tourism’ update

    The Park Board, which recently recommended that firearms be banned at Crookston Sports Center, will get an update on the subject on Monday, Dec. 18, after, presumably, City leaders have been doing research into the matter and getting legal opinions.

    Park Board recommendations, if further action is required, typically go to the City Council for consideration. But after the board took action last month regarding firearms at the CSC, City Administrator Shannon Stassen said there was more research to be done before the council considers taking action on the matter.

    The current discussion stems from The Big One Craft & Vendor Fair held at the CSC in the fall. A man at the event was obviously armed with a loaded firearm, and some people expressed discomfort with his presence. The man was taken outside by the CSC by law enforcement and it was subsequently determined he had a permit to carry the firearm. Minnesota law does not require that legally permitted firearms be concealed.

    Another agenda item of note Monday is a “sports tourism” update.

    The Park Board meets at 4:15 p.m. at city hall.