No motion made to decrease mayor’s term from four years to two

    The City of Crookston Charter will remain unchanged for another year.

    The City Charter Commission Monday evening held their annual meeting at city hall, and although a couple of changes were suggested and discussed, neither advanced past the casual chatter stage.

    City Administrator Shannon Stassen said there were talks about changing the term of the mayor from four years to two years, but no motion was made to do so.

    Also, commission members discussed adding language to the charter in reference to the process of filling vacancies on the city council. The language involved a vacancy on the council occurring within the first 15 months of the council member’s term, and how the council would appoint an eligible person to fill the vacancy until the next general election. But instead of serving a four-year term if the person was elected in the election, the term would be two years, in order to preserve the staggered terms that currently exist on the council.

    Commission member Chris Fee made a motion to add that language to the charter, but it failed to reach a second, Stassen said, and died.

    In addition to Fee, commission members include Mayor Wayne Melbye, who serves as chair, and Tom Noah, Frank Lindgren, Lorna Hollowell, Justin Spivey, Betty Arvidson, Tricia Sanders, Dale Stainbrook, Dan Johanneck, Guy Martin, and Scott Kleven. Chuck Fitzgerald is an ex-officio member.