Owners targeting a January opening

    The owners of the soon-to-be newest business addition to downtown Crookston, DaRoos Pizza, are hoping to open in January.

    “That’s the goal now,” Amanda Grover, owner, with her husband, Jamie, of the Crookston location and also DaRoos restaurants in Bagley and Fosston, tells the Times. “Hopefully we’re getting to the point where the end is in sight.”

    Grover said it’s been frustrating as the major renovations of the historic Eagle Rexall Drug building have taken longer than expected, and she hopes DaRoos future customers in Crookston can continue being patient for a little while longer.

    “We’re as eager and excited to open as everyone else,” she said. “It’s going to be great.”

    The restaurant specializes in pizza, obviously, but also Mexican food and sub sandwiches. Grove said her brother, Jaxon Staehnke, and his wife, Avedon, will manage the Crookston location. They bought a house in Crookston earlier this year and have been driving back and forth daily from Crookston to the DaRoos Bagley and Fosston restaurants.

    “We made this decision with the idea that they’d manage the Crookston store,” Grove said.

    The Groves will be leasing the space from building owners Jake Leas and Lee Tate of L&T Properties, who are coordinating the renovations with various contractors and sub-contractors. The windows have been shielded by dark plastic for many months, but all of the HVAC, electrical and plumbing vans parked outside have made it apparent to passers-by that progress is slowly but surely being made inside.

    “On our end, everything is ordered and sitting in storage, all of the kitchen equipment and things like that,” Grover said. “As soon as the remodel is finished, it’s all going in.”

    They’ve started accepting applications, via their Facebook page, for their initial staff, which Grove said will be in the 15 to 20 range. There’s also a poster on DaRoos downtown Crookston windows with application information for interested potential employees.

    Grove mentioned that they’ve also submitted the paperwork to the City of Crookston to apply for their beer and wine license.

    Once the business opens, Grove said the storefront outside will feature two, four foot by eight foot DaRoos signs, but later on the hope is to have new awnings.

    Early on, she added, at least for a few weeks, she said she expects that there won’t be delivery service. “We need to get our feet wet and get things under control, but then we will definitely start our delivery service,” Grove said.