Northernmost portion of the road is outside of city limits, is in state right-of-way

    A needed frontage road reconstruction project on Crookston’s north end has hit a glitch and might not happen in 2018.

    The road runs from just north of McDonald’s, to AmericInn Lodge & Suites, to the RRV Shows building, and then to the Crookston National Guard Armory. It’s in pretty rough shape.

    The State of Minnesota is in line to pay for the project, but, it turns out, a small portion of the frontage road on its northernmost point is outside of city limits, City Administrator Shannon Stassen explained this week, with the state owning the right-of-way in the area in question. “We have to work through the process to get through that glitch,” he said.

    If the matter can’t be resolved in a timely fashion, the work that was expected to be part of the City’s package of 2018 street improvement projects might have to get pushed back to 2019.

    Public Works Director Pat Kelly said the process, financing and resulting improved road will, when everything’s finished, be similar to the improved frontage road extending along the east side of University Avenue in front of Hugo’s and numerous businesses to the north.

    Once the frontage road project is complete, the plan would be for the City to take over ownership of the road from the state, Kelly said.

    If it seems like the project has been in the works for a while, it’s because it has been. The original plan was to include the frontage road reconstruction with the 2017 street project package, but, Kelly explained, with the state’s fiscal year running different than the City’s calendar year, from July 1 to June 30, the thinking was that not rushing to squeeze the project in this year would bring better bids in 2018.