Check back for more essays here on Thursday

    It’s American Education Week, so fifth-graders at Highland Elementary School wrote essays on what they love about their school. Their teachers submitted some of them to the Times, and they appear here. Check back on Thursday for more student essays.

I love Highland Elementary by Grace Smith

    Highland Elementary is the best school I have ever known.  It gives new experiences, you meet new people, and there are many more good qualities.  You learn through music, you make friends, but mostly you learn from all of our great staff.

    Highland School is great.  The teachers work hard to make the day fun and try to find the easiest way for you to learn and be successful.  Most of all you have a great year!

Highland School:  A Great Place to Learn by Michael Deng

    Highland School is a great place to learn because there are lots of good teachers here.  We teach 2nd-6th grade here.  We have a big gym.  We have lots of subjects including math, reading, spelling, science, vocab.  We have lots of great teachers and staff here at Highland School.  Our principal is amazing.  The gym teachers help us get exercise and be strong.  
Highland School is a great place to learn.

What Highland School Means to Me by Chase Larson

    To me Highland is a place where you can share your ideas. People will always help you when you don’t get it. Highland is so welcoming.

    Band is so much fun. I like the idea of having someone teach you how to play an instrument. I love the opportunity of getting to try an instrument at such a young age.

    Math is so exciting. In Math, another class joins us and we do math with them. When the other class comes in I think it pushes me to do my best.

    Gym is amazing. I love when we get to go swimming. I like it when we get to pick partners for tinikling.

    These are my favorite things about Highland School. There are many more, but these are my favorite out of all of them. The people are so nice at Highland. They allow us to be ourselves.

What Highland Means to Me by Jaelyn Johnson

    I enjoy going to Highland School so I can see all my friends and teachers. The only thing I don’t like is getting up early in the morning.

    I love coming back to school. I like seeing my old teachers. It brings back good memories. It’s fun to come back to school after summer break to see my friends again.

    We go on many field trips. I enjoy the long rides! I also enjoy going to fun places.

    I love this year’s Spelling. It’s fun! I enjoy Spelling worksheets. However, the test is challenging.

    I like Highland School. It is a good place for an education. Maybe you will like to come and visit someday.

Highland: A Great Place to Learn by Addie Fee

    The reason why I really like Highland is because there are so many activities.  My favorite activity this year is going to be Track and Field Day.  I am so excited for Track and Field Day because this is my first year going to track and field at Highland.  I really like track and field because it’s like a free day and you get to be with your friends.  Also, it’s a competition.

    Another reason why I like Highland is because there are writing activities.  I really like writing, because you get to express your feelings and you get to share your stories like I am now.  Also because writing means a lot to me.

    The best part about Highland is that there are so many nice people, and if you are sad there is always someone there for you.  It might be a teacher, staff or even friends.  

    That’s my favorite part about Highland, and that’s why I’m not scared when I go to school, because I know that someone always has my back.  There are multiple other things, but these are my favorite.

Highland is Cool by Jack Buhler

    I love going on field trips.  My favorite field trip was Bonanzaville.  We got to see a lot of different stuff.  It was like a town.  It was really fun.  

     love math at Highland.  It was really fun learning partial quotient division.  Now that I know partial quotient, division is a lot easier.  I also like doing fractions.  

    We do writing projects.  My most favorite writing project is what I treasure.  I wrote about Mr. Bear Bear.  He is a dark blue bear.  

    I am in band.  I play the trombone.  Music is hard because music is a different language.  

    At recess if it is sunny I play four-square, and if snow is on the ground     I run in the snow or play football.  I also like having my sister in my class.  Julia is always nice to me and we play four-square together.  

    I can’t wait ‘til we go to the Forest History Center in Grand Rapids this year.