They’re nominated by Bernd at West Polk Soil and Water Conservation District

    Mike and Sue Tiedemann of Tiedemann Farms, Inc., along with Gene and Murray Tiedemann of Euclid, will be honored as outstanding conservationists Dec. 5 at the annual convention of the Minnesota Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts (MASWCD) in Bloomington.

    “We’re proud of Mike, Sue, Gene, Murray Tiedemann and their families for what they’ve done in conserving natural resources in our area,” said Nicole Bernd, district manager of the West Polk Soil and Water Conservation District in Crookston, who nominated Tiedemann Farms. “It’s great to be able to recognize the work they’ve done locally. They’ve provided a wonderful example for us by planting thousands of trees throughout the years and hundreds of acres enrolled in several conservation reserve and incentive programs.”

    MASWCD sponsors the Outstanding Conservationist Award, with support from The Farmer magazine.