Super Bowl Legacy Grant, volunteers team up to make it happen

    Castle Park received a new addition Thursday thanks to the Super Bowl Legacy Grant they received this summer and volunteers from the community. Their new log cabin, that will be used for a “mud kitchen” and other purposes at various events, was picked up from a local builder in Bagley by Kevin Iverson of KnuteCo and Loren “Punky” Johnson, and placed in the park via forklift with help from Jason Doda of the Crookston Building Center.

    The park now has a rope bridge, running water, a plant maze, the log cabin mud kitchen, and, soon, a river access will be added all because of the $50,000 Minnesota Super Bowl Host Committee Legacy Fund. The Legacy Fund is providing 52 grants to 52 community projects across the state over the 52 weeks leading up to Super Bowl LII.

    “All of the great volunteers for Castle Park have been vetting out what we should do with the Super Bowl grant money and the log cabin fit right into our vision,” Kids at Castle leader and Polk County Public Health Wellness Coordinator Kirsten Fagerlund told the Times. “The roof even matches the dog park shelter.”

    “This was a collaborative effort with the Parks and Recreation department, Scott Riopelle, Shannon Stassen, Kids at Castle leaders and volunteers, community members, and, of course, Sarah Reese,” she added. “Sarah asked keyholders their thoughts and community members have also donated their time and items for the park on their own.”

    Fagerlund said she’s grateful that Iverson, Johnson, and Doda were able to get the log cabin delivered and set up Thursday as “now is a great time to explore, see the animal tracks in the snow and walk through the woods of Castle Park’s natural playspace.”