Note to readers: Every Friday during the fundraising campaign, the Times will be featuring submitted profiles of the agencies who receive support from the United Way of Crookston. Today’s featured agency is the Polk County DAC.

    United Way Supports the Polk County DAC!

    United Way of Greater Crookston Area has made a positive impact on the DAC through its support!  We have a few favorites:  

    • The “stander” allows a person who cannot stand on their own to stand tall.  The seat is lowered for them to about chair level, there are supports for their knees to hold them in place, and the seat portion is pumped with a lever to a standing position.  Once they are standing, there is a tray to support their elbows and hands.  Can you imagine how empowering it is for someone is a wheelchair who is most often looked down on from a height disadvantage to be standing eye level with others?  The stander not only improves muscle tone, but it increases self esteem!  Cost of a stander is $2,600.

    •Precor Bike:  It is a stationary bike that keeps track of speed, calories, distance and time.  We have two of them side to side to motivate each participant to go faster!  We serve adults with disabilities and many of them do not move enough on any given day (just like all of us) so this device enables and encourages them to move more, thus they feel better, stronger and builds stamina and endurance!  We are so happy United Way supported us to purchase this two bikes.

    • Paper Shredders:  Not your average shredder, but industrial strength that can shred up to ¼ of an inch and go through staples.  These shredders cost $2,300 a piece, but are well worth it!  These shredders allow our clients to earn money on a task they love.  Shredding is one of the most popular jobs at the DAC…we are always looks for more paper to shred.  This job is consistent, repetitive and more many relaxing.  The bonus is they get paid to do it!!  

    Thank you United Way for your continued support!