Change will be temporary, from Oct. 30 to Nov. 17

    City officials from time to time talk about being more “customer friendly” to Crookston residents who are looking to take advantage of the most convenient services as possible provided by the City.

    The latest example, the City announced Monday, is a temporary lifting of the bagging requirements ordinarily in place in order for local residents to have their yard waste picked up by Public Works crews at their curbsides.

    From Oct. 30 to Nov. 17, residents will be allowed to use any type for their yard waste, and it will be picked up by City crews on their normally scheduled garbage pick-up day. “We hope this will alleviate the concerns about buying special bags and allow for some flexibility for residents,” a release from Public Works Director Pat Kelly states.

    Normally, in order to have the yard waste picked up, people have to purchase specific City bags.

    Kelly notes that normal garbage still must be bagged in a yellow or orange City bag in order for crews to pick up.

    This latest change extends beyond the “compost amnesty” the City puts in place during the annual spring and fall clean-up events, the latter of which is taking place this week.