Residents asked not to disturb temporary targets

    The Minnesota Department of Transportation is asking residents not to disturb wood panel photography targets as crews begin aerial mapping in Cass, Hubbard and Polk counties.

    The survey mapping projects in Polk County will take place on U.S. Highway 2 from Erskine to Marcoux

    The aerial survey process relies on clear observations, so it can only be conducted after the leaves fall from the trees and before the snow flies. To begin the process crews place an “X” on the ground as a reference point for the aerial photographer.

    The mapping will create a record of existing infrastructure and landscape along MnDOT right of way for transportation planning and operations. “Crews paint large white ‘X’ targets on paved surfaces” said Dan Domeier, MnDOT Land Surveyor. “For unpaved locations they use a wood panel target.”

    A survey crew then records the coordinate position and elevation of these targets, and provides that information to the aerial photography company.

    The wood panel targets are temporary and will be removed when the photography is completed. MnDOT requests that landowners not remove or disturb the targets until the photography is completed.

    If a target must be moved, contact MnDOT District 2 survey staff at 218-755-6533 or by email at