He’s accused of killing Tawnja Wallace in May 2017

    The Polk County Attorney’s Office is looking to convene a grand jury in the case against Eddie Markeith Frazier, who is accused of killing Tawnja Wallace in a Crookston apartment in May 2017. Frazier has been held at the Northwest Regional Corrections Center since mid-May after he fled Crookston and a manhunt throughout the state that ended in an officer-involved shooting in Bloomington while police pursued him.

    An omnibus hearing for Frazier was held Tuesday and, according to the court minutes, Polk County Assistant County Attorney Scott Buhler requested to convene a grand jury that could potentially increase the criminal charges from second-degree murder to first-degree murder. Frazier is currently charged with three counts of second-degree murder: one being with intent and not premeditated, another being without intent while committing a felony (which includes committing or attempting to commit third-degree assault, domestic assault by strangulation, pattern of stalking and first-degree burglary), and the last charge while under a restraining order for protection.  

    Crookston police found the body of Tawnja Wallace on May 3, 2017 after responding to a welfare check by Hennepin County. Wallace had her face submerged in the bathtub of her apartment and there were recent drag marks on the floor, said the court complaint. Police had been to the apartment just four and a half hours before for a 911 call. The police knocked on the door and allegedly heard the sound of furniture being moved and either the T.V. or music on in the background. They left the building after no one answered the door. The complaint says that Wallace’s daughter was found crying in the stairwell the morning of the incident and that her son was told that Frazier had left a SnapChat or video chat that said he “killed the b**** and left her for dead in the tub.”

    Frazier is held on $150,000 cash bail with conditions, $1,000,000 bond with conditions or $1,000,000 cash bail with no conditions.

    From the late 1980s through 2017, Frazier has almost 50 previous criminal convictions with three pending in other Minnesota counties.

    The next omnibus hearing is set for November 7.