One person’s “Aztec Jello” is another person’s “unicorn”, Bertils says.

    LuLaRoe’s motto is “Simply Comfortable” and I personally have to agree to that. I’ve just recently been introduced to the trendy brand after months of “eye-balling” others who brag about their “LuLa” clothes. I’ve even been invited to parties held in the “LuLa Cave” at Kelli Bertils’ basement where a clothes “store” is set up for customers (friends) to browse and try-on items of their particular styling. Me? I’m a huge fan of the ‘Randy’ baseball-style 3/4 sleeve shirts. I wouldn’t mind if I had a dozen in my closet.

    Being in direct sales (or vendor sales) isn’t for everyone, but one of our local happy-go-lucky LuLaRoe consultants, Kelli Bertils, is proud that she’s coming up on her “LuLa-versary” of one year after getting her start in November 2016. Three years ago she was very “anti-legging” and didn’t think she would ever enjoy them as much as she does now. A friend suggested she give them a chance, so she thought she would wear them around the house for a while. Bertils still has those first pair of leggings.

    “I had just had my son, Nolan, and I was in the process of bettering myself and felt overweight,” Bertils explained. “I had to go back to work and I did not like dress clothes one bit.”

    “After trying out LuLaRoe’s clothing and researching the company for four months, I signed up and bought my first round of inventory,” she added. “I didn’t go off of word-of-mouth, I did fact research on the company and waited until I was ready to start direct sales.”

    “Now I have my full-time job and my fun-time job which is LuLaRoe,” Bertils continued. “This adventure has allowed me to get out there and meet new friends, get involved in the community and make a little money while I’m at it.”

    When asked how she acquired so much inventory, Bertils jokes that she “blacked out” and it all “just appeared.” She says she has purchased “a little here” and “a little there.” Once she started doing parties, vendor shows and in-home shopping she has saved and got more inventory in. Bertils started out with 305 pieces in her LuLa inventory and now has just shy of 700.


    One of the highlights of Bertils’ week (and her loyal customer’s), is her Facebook Live reveal of new inventory. I got to sit in on a recent live video event and, let me tell you, Bertils was a HOOT! She will interact with her customers and answer their questions from the social media comments, describe the new inventory in a fun way, and joke around. One of the most sought-after product lines is the holiday-themed clothing. Specifically this time of year… Halloween. Bertils had dozens of ladies on the hook for this Facebook Live video and they were almost literally “chomping at the bit” for Halloween leggings for both themselves and their children. After all, who doesn’t want to help celebrate the holiday and stay cozy while showing off new clothes? (Full disclosure: I couldn’t help but buy a pair of Halloween purple and black witch leggings myself. I even yelled out “Sold!” when she got up to showing them off on her video. It was exhilarating!)

    Besides holiday theme and Disney theme (why didn’t I know about this when we went on the CHS Music Trip to Florida last April?!), black leggings are the “unicorn” of LuLaRoe. At least around here, anyway. I had heard through the grapevine that ladies would take a trip down a dark alley just to get a pair of black LuLa leggings. Sure, LuLa leggings are comfortable, but what else can you wear with just about any style of shirt or dress than black leggings? That’s what makes them a “unicorn” item. Bertils says that people might even have their own “unicorn” item that they’re always searching for or want to buy such as her “unicorn” which is a Randy shirt with stripes. One person’s “Aztec Jello” is another person’s “unicorn”, Bertils says. (It’s an inside joke that you should definitely ask her about.)

    Okay, back to the Facebook Live presentation.

    I got to take a sneak peek at all the new inventory that would be featured in Bertils’ video that night and it was interesting to see how the ladies reacted on social media as each piece was displayed. They would, essentially, compete for the two clothing pieces to see who could comment first to buy them. Bertils would go from leggings to shirts to dresses and back for each size, and her customers (again she calls them friends) would tell her the number of the item they wanted. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Well, considering all the time it takes to get her shop set up, all the inventory she has to keep track of, all the new boxes of clothing that come that have to be separated by size and style, plus the accounting side of the business, it takes a well-organized person like Bertils to do it.

    “I haven’t one complaint about this company,” Bertils told me right before she went live on her weekly video. “They treat me good, like family.”

    “I’m truly an independent fashion retailer,” she added. “And I love to give back so this business gives me that opportunity.”

    Maybe when my own life slows down a bit and I get my two oldest graduated this year (yikes!), I might consider becoming a LuLaRoe consultant. Does that mean I get free leggings? One would only hope.

    Want to learn more about LuLaRoe? Visit their website: and learn all about how they got started, plus you’ll learn that the names of their clothing are actually people from their family and the first male consultant (Randy.)