Students get up close and personal with DNA

    Every summer, the University of North Dakota holds a Molecular Biology Boot Camp for high school students and this year Crookston High school students Jaden Lubarski (junior) and Jackson Seibel (senior) were in attendance.

    At the camp, students learn how to identify possible agricultural pests/other animals by DNA sequencing, isolate and analyze your own DNA, identify other individuals based on DNA (e.g. crime scene identification) and use recombinant DNA technology for life science research. Students get hands-on performance of molecular biology laboratory experiments, have brief classroom learning sessions and get to experience lab demos as well as go on tours at UND Biology, Chemistry & Biomedical Departments.

    Participants are also paid $400 for their 40 hours of attendance during the boot camp week.

    To apply for next year’s boot camp, students must complete an online application as well as have a teacher/counselor/principal send a letter of recommendation and submit their high school transcripts. Questions? Contact Dr. Van A. Doze at 701-777-6222 or email, or Dr. Peter J. Meberg at 701-777-4674 or email