Walk Polk County participants complete 221 maps, engage in 773 hours of activity

    Polk County residents this summer didn’t just talk the talk, they walked the “Walk.”

    Polk County Public Health and the Polk County Wellness Coalition thank all the participants who moved their way around the Polk County map with the Walk Polk County Challenge. The agencies appreciate the positive response and engagement in their mission of creating a culture of wellness.  

    Walk Polk County is an 8-week movement challenge that encourages participants to track their activity to assist them in making long-term lifestyle changes. Weekly motivational emails, along with revealing featured trails across the county, also encouraged participants to explore Polk County.

      Eight prize incentives were given out bi-weekly from July 10 to Sept. 5.             Participating in the challenge were 33 community members who completed 221 maps throughout the challenge, for a total of 773.5 hours of activity. Five final cash drawings followed at the end.

    Regular exercise positively impacts our body and mind. Just 30 minutes of daily activity can help reduce stress, increase energy levels, improve sleep, maintain a healthy body weight and build healthy muscles. In addition, regular exercise reduces the risk of chronic illnesses such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. When our communities offer an environment that supports healthy behavior such as trails to walk on and nutritious foods, including access to farmer’s markets, it helps make the healthy choice the easy choice.