Minor occupant in vehicle says he’s affiliated with Black Disciples gang, and that driver was involved in drugs and prostitution

    A Grand Forks woman is facing four charges including second-degree drug sales and driving while intoxicated after police pulled over a vehicle she was driving with a suitcase full of drugs in the trunk. Whitney Jo Peltier, 26, also faces driving after suspension and failure to provide insurance.

    According to the court complaint, on July 29, an East Grand Forks police officer was on routine patrol when he observed a gold Mercury Grand Marquis parked in the parking lot of Arbor Glen Apartments. The officer had received information the previous night that an individual observed a black male selling drugs out of a vehicle at the apartments and the officer had received photos of the transaction from the reporting party. He observed the vehicle move, which had multiple occupants inside, and he followed them. When they failed to activate their turn signal 100 feet prior to turning, the officer activated his emergency lights and conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle.

    The officer observed three occupants inside and asked for the driver’s identification. She, who was later identified as Whitney Jo Peltier, stated that she did not have any identification and that she wasn’t sure whose vehicle she was driving. When asked where they were heading, Peltier turned her head to the front seat passenger and asked, and he replied saying they were going to his residence in Grand Forks to get a computer cable. The front and back seat passengers, who were minors,  identified themselves to the officer and then the officer conducted a search of the vehicle.

    Inside the trunk, the officer found a red suitcase and inside it was a large plastic baggie containing multiple designer-style baggies containing a light purple powdery substance, said the complaint. Also located in the trunk was a blue medical glove with a small baggie located inside one of the fingers of the glove and inside the baggie was a white substance.

    The officer then placed all three vehicle occupants under arrest and transported them to the East Grand Forks Police Department. He also called for a tow truck to tow the vehicle to the station.

    While at the station, officers field tested the white substance from the glove and it came back as positive for cocaine, and weighed 2.8 grams. They also field tested the purple powder substance and it tested positive for methamphetamine and weighed 15.2 grams.

    During voluntary statements, the two minors said they came to the area from St. Cloud to meet up with some girls and they didn’t know anything about the drugs in the vehicle. During voluntary urine samples from the minors, one tested positive for THC and the other positive for THC and meth. One of the minors, known as S.D.B., asked to speak to the officer again and stated that he met Whitney at the Super 8 Motel, had sex with her, purchased $40 of weed from her and that he believes Whitney is a meth user and engaged in both dealing drugs and prostitution. He said he rode around with Whitney while she mad 10 stops around Grand Forks and he believed they were drug deals.

    S.D.B. also stated that he is an affiliate of the ‘Black Disciples’ gang, said the complaint.