Compared to other Minnesota cities, Weasner says local council member pay is ‘up there’

    A casual, passing reference during 2018 City of Crookston budget discussions about compensation for city council members and how it hasn’t increased for years led council members to learn that their annual pay is above-average compared to other cities in Minnesota.

    City Finance Director Angel Weasner, who belongs to an email “listserv” that connects her with other finance directors across the state, said compensation for Crookston City Council members is “up there” compared to similar cities and is equivalent to larger suburbs around the Twin Cities.

    Many city council members in other Minnesota cities, Weasner explained are paid on a per-diem basis, most commonly receiving $50 or $100 for each meeting they attend. “Plus, some of those councils are smaller than ours, with only five members,” she said. The Crookston City Council has eight members.

    Each Crookston City Council member is paid $6,000 per year, receiving a check each month. If they travel as part of their council duties and submit the proper receipts, Weasner told the Times, they are reimbursed in accordance with the City’s travel policy. There are no additional payments made to them for extra meetings, such as the weekly (instead of the typical bi-weekly) Ways & Means Committee meetings that have taken place this summer because the council has so much on its plate right now.

    The Crookston mayor position is paid $7,600 a year, Weasner said, when asked by the Times, with the same travel reimbursement policy as council members.